EZ-E Punchdown Tool

Electronic Sensors Audibly and Visually Confirm Successful Punchdown

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What's special about this punchdown tool ?

  • Integrated electronics system
  • Audible and visual confirmation of successful terminations
  • Adjustable punchdown force (38, 26 and 19 lbs. of pressure)
  • Easy-to-read thumb wheel (to adjust force)
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Platinum Tool’s innovative EZ-E Punchdown Tool is the first hand tool to marry electronic sensors right into an ergonomically-designed punch down unit, allowing for audible and visual confirmation of perfect terminations each and every time. Just seat the wire in the IDC block and push the tool down. When the sound and light are activated, you know that the correct punch down force was applied and that your wire is terminated correctly.


Part # Description Length Weight PRICE
PL-EZ-E-PT EZ-E Punchdown Tool 7" with blade
(6" without blade )

  • Industrial-strength housing to prevent damage on work site
  • Lightweight
  • Battery-operated (one 9V - included)
  • package includes EZ-E Punchdown Tool, (1) 9V Battery, and Instruction manual

The EZ-E hand tool also features an easy-to-read, adjustable force thumb wheel that allows you to select an optimal punch down force, with marked settings of “H” (38 lbs. of pressure), “M” (26 lbs.) and “L” (19 lbs.) Adjusting the force is easy: turn the wheel counter-clockwise to increase the force and turn it clockwise to decrease the amount of pressure. Setting an accurate degree of pressure ensures that you get enough force to properly terminate insulation displacement contacts.

This handy, battery-operated punchdown tool runs on just one 9V battery (included) and is encased in an industrial strength housing to protect it from vibration and damage. The EZ-E packs incredible power and features into a lightweight, portable tool, perfect for all your termination needs.

7" with blade
(6" without blade )

Instruction Sheet for EZ-E Punchdown Tool

The EZ-E Punchdown Tool has an adjustable force thumb wheel for selecting the optimal punch down force for Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC). Turn the thumb wheel to the desired force setting, seat wire in IDC block, listen and look for sound and light. Once sound and light are activated, the correct force has been achieved and the wire is terminated correctly.

EZ-E Punchdown Tool layout

Turn the black thumb wheel (A) to the desired force setting (B).

L (Low) = 24 lbs
M (Medium) = 34 lbs
H (High) = 44 lbs

Marks between H, M, and L are forces between these markings.

Turning the thumb wheel clockwise increases the force setting.

Turning the thumb wheel counter clockwise decreases the force setting.

After setting the force, push down on the tool to seat and cut the wire in the IDC block.

When the buzzer sounds and the red LED lights (C), the correct force has been achieved and termination is complete.

9V Battery Removal and Replacement:
Locate "BATTERY DOOR" (D) and open by turning the small #2 screw (E) on battery door counter-clockwise. Remove #2 screw. Battery door will open. Remove 9V battery and replace. Install battery door and #2 screw. Do not over-tighten #2 screw.

CAUTION: Always wear eye protection. Not for use on live circuits or energized cabling systems. Not for use on cables connected to equipment, electronic hardware, or powered circuits. Ensure no voltage is on wires when working. Do not use in wet or raining environment. Do not open unit, spring inside can un-spring.






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