Instruction Sheet for
Drywall Hammer Cutter

drywall hammer with A and B pointed out

Tool Adjustments

What is the thickness of your drywall? Not sure? Then play it safe and start with a standard size of 1/2 inch. Where do you set your blade depth cut? See the chart below to help you make the right/best choice.

To adjust/set the blade, hold the tool in one hand, using your thumb to apply pressure to the net assembly (A) to keep it firm against the tool housing. Now use your other hand to loosen the knurled knob (C). Loosen it enough so you are able to slide the blade back and forth with ease. Click into the proper hole selected from the chart below. Tighten the knurled knob (C). NOTE: The knurled knob does have a screwdriver slot AND if used, be sure not to over-tighten. It is best to tighten by hand only (no tools) to prevent possible damage to the tool.

Numeric Values on Tool (metric) Approx. Depth of Cut Drywall Thickness Selection Metric Values Converted to Inches
6 3/16" 1/8" & 3/16" 6mm = 0.236 in
12 7/16" 1/4" & 7/16" 12mm = 0.437 in
18 11/16" 1/2" & 5/8" 18mm = 0.708 in
24 15/16" 3/4" 24mm = 0.945 in
30 1-1/8" 1" 30mm = 1.182 in



Using Tool

Step 1: Draw/mark clearly the portion to be cut and removed. Remember: "Measure twice and cut once" and do not forget to ask yourself, "What is behind the wall area I am cutting?"

Step 2: Cutting into the drywall: Holding the Drywall Hammer Cutter in one hand and your hammer in the other hand, place the point of the blade at where you want the blade to enter and with your hammer, tap the backside hammer surface (F) until the face of the tool is flush against the wall surface.

Step 3: Cutting the drywall: Tap the topside hammer surface (E) to power the blade, cutting the marked line with total control. NOTE: The hand holding the tool is what guides/controls the tool's direction and your hammer is used only to power the tool.

After you have made your first cut, simply pull out and start you next cut and repeat the process until all 4 sides are cut.

drywall hammer with E and F pointed out


drywall hammer with C and D pointed out

Changing the Blade

  1. Spare blades are in the handle (D). Release by pressing the button (B)
  2. Push blade all the way out to #30 and hold nut firmly in place throughout remaining steps below.
  3. Unscrew knurled knob (C) and screw back in about a 1/32 of a turn.
  4. Carefully remove blade.
  5. Replace with new blade (D).
  6. Screw knurled knob (C) back in 3/4 of the way and retract the blade.
  7. Secure blade by tightening knurled knob (C).


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