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What's special about Panduit's wiring kits?

  • Ideal for wiring and maintaining an electrical system or installation
  • Enclosed in a sturdy steel case with compartments to keep your tools organized
  • Sturdy steel box keeps your tools safe from the elements and all together on the jobsite
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These wire maintenance kits from Panduit include all of the parts and pieces necessary to provide full maintenance to your wires and cables. Each kit is equipped with hundreds of items from butt splices, terminals, crimp tools, cable ties, cable tie installation tools, and identification equipment.


PAN-K1-PNKIT Panduit Outdoor Maintenance Kit in Steel Box 1,278 + box 8.28 lbs
PAN-K-205 Panduit Indoor Maintenance Kit in Steel Box 902 + box 11.29 lbs


Additional Cable Ties

CTPAN-PLT1M-M Cable Tie 3.9 inch Natural (1,000 per pack) 2.5 lbs 0.098"
CTPAN-PLT2S-M Cable Tie 7.4 inch Natural (1,000 per pack) 2.5 lbs 0.190"
CTPAN-PLT3S-C Cable Tie 11.5 inch Natural (100 per pack) 1.0 lb 0.190"
CTPAN-PLT4S-M Cable Tie 14.5 inch Natural (1,000 per pack) 1.25 lbs 0.190"

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  • Includes crimper, marking tags, marker tape, and cable ties
  • Complete kits include a selection of butt splices terminals and disconnects that are commonly used in electrical appliances
  • Includes ID solutions for labeling wires and keeping your installation looking professional
  • Box is equipped with a carry handle for easy transport


K1-PNKIT  Outdoor Maintenance Kit

Tools [1] K-1001 Steel Kit Box
[1] CT-260 Installation Tool -- Operating Instructions - PDF
Cable Ties [100] PLT2S Cable Ties
Terminals [100] PN14-610R multi-stud terminals -- Spec Sheet
[100] PN18-610R multi-stud terminals
[100] PN18-6LF locking fork terminals
[100] PN14-8LF locking fork terminals
[50] PN10-10LF locking fork terminals
[100] PN18-8F fork terminals
[100] PN14-10R ring terminals
[50] PN-10R ring terminals
Disconnects [100] DNF18-250 disconnects
[100] DNF14-250 disconnects
[50] DV10-250 disconnects
Splices [50] BSN18 butt splices
[50] BSN14 butt splices
[25] BSN10 butt splices
Marking System [1] PMD-0-9 marking dispenser and tape
[100] MP150 marker tags
[1] PX-0 marker


K-205  Indoor Maintenance Kit

Tools [1] GTS Tool
[1] CT-100 Crimp Tool
Natural Nylon 6.6 Cable Ties [100] PLT1M Cable Ties
[100] PLT1.5I Cable Ties
[100] PLT2S Cable Ties
Terminals [100] PV18-6LF locking fork terminals
[100] PV14-8LF locking fork terminals
[100] PV14-10LF locking fork terminals
[50] PV10-10LF locking fork terminals
Splices [50] BSV10X butt splices
[100] BSV14X butt splices
[100] BSV18X butt splices

Nylon Insulated Multi-Stud Terminal - Spec Sheet - PDF PDF







PANDUIT® Pan-Ty® Marker and Flag TiesPANDUIT® Pan-Ty® Marker and Flag Ties
From / 100 Pack
Sometimes organizing is simply not enough and this is precisely when the PANDUIT® Pan-Ty® Marker and Flag Ties come in handy. The need for identifying bundles is present constantly in the electrical and networking fields. Technicians know that by identifying your cables you can avoid costly mistakes and downtimes.
PANDUIT PatchLink? Horizontal Cable ManagerPanduit PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Manager
The PANDUIT PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Manager is a perfect tool to manage your patch cables. Designed by a top brand to meet and exceed all the industry standards. This product is sure to get your cables under control and keep that racking unit nice and neat
krimpa-seal butt splice connectorKrimpa-Seal Heat Shrink Butt Splices
These heat shrink butt splices pair polyolefin heat shrink tubing with an adhesive melt liner for secure sealed connections.  Simply crimp on the wire then shrink the tubing with a heat gun to permanently seal and protect your connection.
HydraLink Sealed Multiple Wire Closed End and In-Line Butt ConnectorsHydraLink Sealed Multiple Wire Closed End and In-Line Butt Connectors
Unlike traditional methods of joining multiple wires, these connections include an active adhesive that melts between the wires, when heat is applied, to provide a watertight seal. These multiple wire connectors are ideal for joining 1 wire to 2 wires, or joining up to 4 wires at a time.
cable ID labelsUnitags
Unitag cable labels are easy to read. Unitag labels are easily written on or applied on adhesive back label. Available in 4 vibrant colors for color coding.
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