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Panduit PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct

PanelMax™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct
From for a 6ft piece
This DIN rail and wire duct combo is designed to save money and maximize space in enclosure and backboard cabling applications, and allows easy access to terminal blocks for installation and maintenance.

PanDuct Type-F Wiring Duct

Panduct® Type-F Narrow Slot Wire Duct
From for case of 20 ducts
Equipped with a narrow finger/slot design, this wire duct enhances cable organization by providing more fan-out areas for wires and cables, and protects your hands with rounded edges.


Panduct® Type H - Hinged Cover Wide Slot Wiring Duct
From for case of 20 ducts
Ideal for environments where frequent maintenance or wiring modifications are made. The dual hinge design allows you to quickly and easily access cables or wires in control panels and communication closets.


Panduct® Type HN Narrow Slot Hinged Cover Wiring Duct
From for case of 20 ducts
Great for environments where cable management of high density cabling is a concern. The frequent slots and breakout points paired with the hinged cover provide cable access without hassle.


Panduct® HS Hinged Cover Solid Wall Raceway
From for case of 20 ducts
Equipped with a dual hinged cover to allow quick and easy access to cables or wires in long cable runs. Channel design encloses the wiring to provide maximum protection against environmental conditions.

panduit panelmax wire duct

Panduct® PanelMax™ Shielded Wiring Duct
From for 2 ducts
PanelMax Shielded Wiring Duct helps keep the electronic environment clean for unfettered network performance. Add Panelmax Noise Shield to keep performance high when installing multiple runs within the same duct.

EMI Noise Shield

Panduit® PanelMax™ EMI Noise Shield
Ideal for use inside wire duct or raceway, or mounted directly onto any surface that wires are routed over, this noise shield is perfect for reducing crosstalk between cables without the investment in expensive shielded cable.

Panduit DCT wire duct cutter

Wire Duct Cutting Tool
Designed for use with plastic raceway, wire duct and channel covers, this cutting tool trims PVC cable management product to size without the need for excessive force, and leaves cut edges smooth and burr-free.


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