Panduit® P1™ General Component Label Cassettes

General Purpose Identification for the Home, Office, or Business Environments

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What's special about these die-cut labels?

Panduit’s General Component Label Cassettes for the LS8E PanTher™ provide your home, business, or office with a fast and simple way to keep organized. The installation and use of these labels is a clean, one-step process thanks to both the label material and the ribbon being incorporated into a single, easy-to-use cassette.


Polyester Component Label Cassettes
PAN-C060X020YJC Polyester 0.60" W 0.20" H 750 White
PAN-C100X025YJC Polyester 1.00" W 0.25" H 500 White
PAN-C100X050YJC Polyester 1.00" W 0.50" H 500 White
PAN-C150X075YJC Polyester 1.50" W 0.75" H 250 White
PAN-C200X050YJC Polyester 2.00" W 0.50" H 200 White
PAN-C200X100YJC Polyester 2.00" W 1.00" H 200 White
PAN-C100X050YMC Polyester 1.00" W 0.50" H 500 Silver
PAN-C200X100YMC Polyester 2.00" W 1.00" H 150 Silver
Vinyl Cloth Label Cassettes
PAN-C100X050CBC Vinyl Cloth 1.00" W 0.50" H 175 White
PAN-C200X050CBC Vinyl Cloth 2.00" W 0.50"H 50 White

These component labels are available in two styles: Vinyl cloth for a reusable label that can be removed and repositioned several times, or a Polyester material for a stronger, longer lasting label that will not stretch or tear easily.

  • Fully functional, multi-purpose labels for identifying flat surfaces or other general areas and components
  • Available in a large range of sizes for labeling or bar-coding network or electronic components, control panels, circuit boards and other general purpose applications
  • Polyester type labels are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and offer a high level of durability, temperature resistance, and dimensional stability
  • Vinyl cloth type labels are designed for general purpose use and provide excellent resistance to oil and abrasion
  • RoHS Compliant



 Temperature Range
Polyester -40° to 302° F (-40° to 150° C)
Vinyl Cloth -50° to 170° F (-46° to 77° C)


Part # Material Width Height Color Labels per Cassette Price
PAN-C060X020YJC Polyester 0.6" 15.24mm 0.20" 5.08mm White 750
PAN-C100X025YJC Polyester 1.00" 25.4mm 0.25" 6.35mm White 500
PAN-C100X050YJC Polyester 1.00" 25.4mm 0.50" 12.7mm White 500
PAN-C150X075YJC Polyester 1.50" 38.1mm 0.75" 19.05mm White 250
PAN-C200X050YJC Polyester 2.00" 50.8mm 0.50" 12.7mm White 200
PAN-C200X100YJC Polyester 2.00" 50.8mm 1.00" 25.4mm White 200
PAN-C100X050YMC Polyester 1.00" 25.4mm 0.50" 12.7mm Silver 500
PAN-C200X100YMC Polyester 2.00" 50.8mm 1.00" 25.4mm Silver 150
PAN-C100X050CBC Vinyl Cloth 1.00" 25.4mm 0.50" 12.7mm White 175
PAN-C200X050CBC Vinyl Cloth 2.00" 50.8mm 0.50" 12.7mm White 50





panduit thermal printersPanduit PanTher™ LS8 Label Makers
Panduit® introduces the affordable LS Hand-Held Thermal Printer line. The PanTher™ LS8s are designed to meet and exceed the demands of the IT world while printing the highest quality labels that are sure to last for a long time. The PanTher™ LS8 Model features computer connectivity through USB interface import for data, system upgrades, and printing labels from a wireless laptop or desktop computer.

component labelsPanduit Polyester & Polyimide Component Labels
Polyester and Polyimide Component Labels are utilized to identify peripheral equipment such as electronics, panels, bins and more. Labels come in the color white to provide clear visibility in hard-to-see areas, and in addition to temperature resistance, they are also resistant to harsh solvents, oils, and chemicals, without the use of over-lamination; an assurance that these labels will perform magnificently under pressure.


panduit p1 label cassettePanduit Labels for PanTher™ LS8 & Cougar™ LS9 Printers
Long lasting good quality labels are continuously needed in Datacom/Telecom, Home Theater, and many other fields for identification purposes. The Panduit® P1™ provides the perfect combination of high tech by featuring an integrated memory and simple ideas like the fast loading design to make sure your job is completed quickly and efficiently.

panduit p1 label cassettePanduit P1 ™ Ultimate ID Label Cassettes
Combining the P1 Ultimate ID labeling cassette with either Panduit’s LS8E or LS9 thermal transfer printers allows you to efficiently label your network components, faceplates, and patch panels so that you, employees, and installers can quickly identify what patch cable or component goes where.


network components label cartridggesPanduit P1™ Network Component Label Cassettes
These die-cut labels cut down on installation time and maintenance costs by keeping network cables and components instantly identifiable.


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