Panduit® P1™ Die-Cut Non-Laminated Label Cassettes

Simple, Fast Cable and Wire Identification

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What's special about these labels for cables and wires?

  • Eliminates the frustration of printing smeared, foggy and unidentifiable labels by producing crisp, clear legends with superior legibility each time
  • Ideal for cable and wire identification, and can be used as either a wrap around label or flag style marker
  • Perforated for meeting certain application needs; labels can be used as full-sized or half sized markers
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Label identification in large infrastructures and networks is as an important of a task as installing the patch cable itself. Without proper identification, cables can quickly become confusing and hard to trace, to the point they get out of hand and your system is slowed to a crawl. More


Width Length Label Count
Panduit P1 Non-Laminated Perforated Vinyl Cloth Label
PAN-N050X075CBC 18-14 AWG White 0.5" 0.75" 125 0.25 lb
PAN-N050X150CBC Cat5e/Cat 6 Cables White 0.5" 1.5" 75 0.25 lb
PAN-N100X125CBC 12-10 AWG White 1" 1.25" 75 0.25 lb
PAN-N100X175CBC 8-4 AWG White 1" 1.75" 50 0.25 lb
Panduit P1 Non-Laminated Vinyl Cloth Label
PAN-N100X150CBC Cat5e/Cat 6 Cables White 1" 1.5" 75 0.25 lb

Panduit Non-Laminated labels help you quickly and efficiently label your network infrastructure. Because the labels are made from a durable vinyl cloth, you can easily remove, replace, and change labels often as you see fit, without wasted installation time and complicated removal processes.

  • Designed for use with PANTHER™ LS8E hand-held thermal transfer printer from Panduit®
  • Made from durable vinyl cloth material with adhesive for withstanding abuse associated with long term use, these labels still remain removable for short term labeling applications
  • P1™ label cassettes contain an integrated memory device that allows the cassette to automatically format to your Panther™ LS8E printer, keeps track of remaining label count, and recalls the last legend used
  • Installation of P1™ style cassettes is a simple, fast and mess-free process, because both the labeling material and ribbon are contained inside the cassette
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Material Temperature Range -50oF to 170oF (-46oC to 77oC)


Min. Max. Width Length Label Count
PAN-N050X075CBC 18-14 AWG 0.24" 0.51" 0.5" 0.75" 125
PAN-N050X150CBC Cat5e/Cat 6 Cables 0.48" 1.02" 0.5" 1.5" 75
PAN-N100X125CBC 12-10 AWG 0.4" 0.85" 1" 1.25" 75
PAN-N100X150CBC Cat5e/Cat 6 Cables 0.48" 1.02" 1" 1.5" 75
PAN-N100X175CBC 8-4 AWG 0.56" 1.19" 1" 1.75" 50





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