Panduit NetKey® Category 6 Patch Cords

100% Performance Tested to Meet Your Category 6 Networking Requirements

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What's special about these CAT6 patch cords?

  • Tangle free latch will prevent snags and give you a simple release to save time during frequent moves, changes and rearrangements
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors for quick field identification and ease of installation
  • An economical choice to meet your day to day voice and data needs
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RoHS Compliant

Panduit NetKey® CAT6 patch cables are an economical choice for your voice or data applications. They have a universal design compatible with most modular patch panels. You can count on quality products when you purchase the Panduit line of patch cords. Panduit products are manufactured and registered as ISO 9001:2000 quality certified.


PAN-NK6PC3 Panduit NetKey® 3ft CAT6 Patch Cord Off-White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue 3 feet
PAN-NK6PC5 Panduit NetKey® 5ft CAT6 Patch Cord Off-White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue 5 feet
PAN-NK6PC7 Panduit NetKey® 7ft CAT6 Patch Cord Off-White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue 7 feet
PAN-NK6PC10 Panduit NetKey® 10ft CAT6 Patch Cord Off-White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue 10 feet
PAN-NK6PC14 Panduit NetKey® 14ft CAT6 Patch Cord Off-White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue 14 feet
PAN-NK6PC20 Panduit NetKey® 20ft CAT6 Patch Cord Off-White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue 20 feet
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Meets and exceeds FCC Part 68 and IEC 603-7 specifications for category 6 networking
  • Terminated with 8 position modular plugs at both ends to ensure they meet T568B specifications
  • Manufactured with 24 AWG stranded enhanced performance cable
  • Contacts are plated with 50 micro inches of gold to provide excellent connectivity
  • Plug is polycarbonate and the boot is thermoplastic resin for durability
  • Available in 5 colors: Off-White, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow for simple identification
  • Available in convenient sizes: 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, and 20 feet for snag free installations
  • Patch cords have a 20 year warranty from Panduit
  • ISO 9001:2000 quality certified

drawing of netkey category6 patch cord
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connection jacksPanduit® Mini-Com® CAT5E and CAT6 Jacks
Panduit® CAT5E connection jacks forward motion termination allows for quick and simple installation and places no impact on critical internal components creating maximum reliability.
panduit cable tiePanduit® Cable Ties
Panduit ® Cable Ties can be used in countless applications from projects in your garage to bundling wires together in the house. These nylon cable ties are adaptable to any environment and can be used both inside and outside of the house.
DP5e  and DP6 PLUS Patch PanelsPanduit® DP5e™ and DP6™ PLUS Patch Panels
These patch panels are used for high speed LAN's transmission rates up to 155Mbps and were developed with a proprietary printed circuit board technology which results in performance to meet EIA/TIA 568A Category 5E Enhanced and Category 6 TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 specifications.
giga punch connector blocksGIGA-PUNCH Category 6 Blocks and High Density Bases
The GIGA-PUNCH™ Category 6 Punchdown System, made up of CAT6 connecting blocks and high density bases, is used as a Category 6 interconnect or cross connect of workstation cabling to equipment cabling, or as a consolidation point in zone cabling applications.The GIGA-PUNCH™ Punchdown System is designed for voice and data applications. GIGA-PUNCH™ high density bases can be substituted for existing 110 installations, yielding a 44% increase.
shielded patch cordLeviton Shielded Patch Cords
From for 3FT
Leviton's shielded shielded patch cords protect critical data from EMI (electromagnetic interference), which is known to degrade, disrupt, or even interrupt connectivity. Electromechanical devices, such as computers, electric motors, fluorescent lighting and cell phones cause this type of interference. This shielded Leviton solution is ideal wherever interference can occur, and is especially useful in healthcare and manufacturing environments.
12-port patch panelsPanduit NetKey™ Modular Faceplate Patch Panels
Performance tested to give you confidence that each 24 or 48 port will deliver, these panels accommodate all NetKey™ Modules to allow different media transmission such as fiber, copper or coax. Compliant to mount to your standard 19" rack, these economical patch panels aide in a complete installation.

panduit PSL-DCJBPanduit® RJ45 Jack Blockout Device
The Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device provides a simple and affordable way to boost your office or home network security by removing access to unused ports. Combining the RJ45 block out device with the RJ45 Plug Lock-In Device will give you complete solution for protecting delicate jacks, patch cords and equipment.

panduit PAN-PSL-DCPLPanduit® RJ45 Plug Lock-In Device
Makes your network tamper resistant by preventing the unauthorized removal of patch cords, IP phone cables, and other components that could destabilize your network connection.

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