Panduit® Mini-Com® Angled Patch Panels With Modular Snap-on Face Plates

Angled Design For Superior Cable Management

Mini-Com Angled Patch Panels

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Panduit® Mini-Com® Angled Patch Panels With Modular Snap-on Face Plates

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these angled patch panels?

Panduit’s Mini-Com® Angled Patch Panels with snap-on face plates provide installers with a high-port count per RU option. More.

These angled patch panels promote better cable organization and style without sacrificing cabinet space or modules. Installation and maintenance time is also reduced thanks to Panduit's snap-op face plates that provide convenient access to modules for simple and fast terminations and changes.

  • Angled design eliminates the clustered and overcrowded appearance of flat patch panels by diverting the cables to flow in two separate directions making cable management more efficient and aesthetically pleasing
  • Release snap feature on faceplate offers the installer convenient front access for terminations, as well as accessibility to already installed modules
  • Modular design allows for customization of each panel, and facilitates constant changes or cabling revision that may be needed down-the-road
  • Angled modules allow labeling schemes and port identifications to be visible at all times
  • Fits into any standard EIA 19” rack
  • RoHS Compliant
  • View manufacturer's warranty


RU 1 2 2
DEPTH 4.43" 4.43" 4.26"
WIDTH 19" 19" 19"
HEIGHT 1.72" 3.47" 3.47"
WEIGHT 0.46 lbs 0.92 lbs 0.72 lbs
PORTS 24 48 72
PATCH PANEL STYLE Angled Angled Angled
ROHS Compliant Compliant Compliant
PAN-CPPLA24WBLY 4.43" D x 19" W x 1.72" H 24 1U 19"
PAN-CPPLA48WBLY 4.43" D x 19" W x 3.47" H 48 2U 19"
PAN-CPPLA72WBLY 4.43" D x 19" W x 3.47" H 72 2U 19"




The Pan-Net Guarantee is a 20-year product replacement guarantee on standards based component performance. In order to qualify for this guarantee, the system must be installed per the following –
1. Meet all TIA/EIA commercial building wiring standards.
2. Panduit categorized product must be used in conjunction with an equivalent or higher Category UL or ETL verified cable.
3. Panduit products must be installed per Panduit instruction sheets.
4. All networks shall be installed per applicable standards and manufacturer’s guidelines.
* Guarantee only and does not cover labor to repair or replace.




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