Data Center Telecommunications Bonding Assessment

Provides Efficiency, Reliability, and Most Importantly: Safety

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What's special about this telecom service?

  • Goes beyond the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) to ensure that your equipment is properly grounded
  • Bonding assessment service not only evaluates your current systems and practices, but provides recommendations for improvement and lifecycle management
  • Specialists will help you design and implement an effective bonding network that will protect your employees and your equipment, and maintain system performance
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Poorly installed or designed bonding systems can put your employees at risk for injury, and can lead to expensive equipment replacement and network downtime. Allow a Panduit bonding specialist to design and implement an effective bonding network for your current or new facility.


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  • Provides support for future changes, moves or add-ons to ensure that your bonding system remains up to standard


Telecommunications Bonding Assessment

Bonding Inspection

  • Determine specific problem issues (equipment failures, poor network performance, etc...)
  • Document and photograph current bonding network installations
  • Inspect all racks and cabinets and verify the presence of electrostatic discharge
  • Measure and document the AC and DC currents present at the ground bus bars
  • Measure and document the DC resistance associated with the Ethernet network
  • Measure and record resistances of a representative sampling of rack/cabinet structural members, active equipment and bonding conductor, and a sampling of shielded cables and the bonding conductor


Telecommunications Bonding Report


  • Generate a current assessment of the bonding integrity and telecommunications installation
  • Provide a report showing the individual conditions that could compromise the effectiveness and provide recommendations to improve

Best Practice Installation Advice

  • Recommend best practice installation techniques that meet the intent of the designs for future add-ons or changes
  • Recommendations for supplemental return paths(s) for electrical transients
  • Recommendations for Electrical Potential Equalizations




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