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Network Cables & Patch Cords

cat6 patch cords

NetKey CAT6 Patch Cords
Panduit NetKey CAT6 patch cables are an economical choice for your voice or data applications. They have a universal design compatible with most modular patch panels.

Panduit fiber optic cables

Fiber Optic Patch Cords
From for 1 meter
PANDUIT® Fiber Patch Cords and Pigtails provide top quality connections to telecommunication rooms, data centers and at your desk. Meeting and exceeding standard ratings these fiber optic jumpers provide all the help you need to build yourself a reliable, low maintenance network.

Punch Blocks & Bases

High Density Bases

GIGA-PUNCH™ Category 6 Blocks and High Density Bases
Increase wiring capacity by 44% with these high-density Cat6 blocks and bases for workstation, zone, voice, and data cabling.

Pan Punch

Pan-Punch™ 110 Category 5e Connecting Blocks and Bases
Designed for use with 22-26AWG solid or stranded UTP cable, these blocks and bases provide reliable and efficient Cat5e terminations.

Patch Panels

12-port patch panels

NetKey™ Modular Faceplate Patch Panels
This versatile modular patch panel makes it easy to add, move, and custom-configure NetKey copper and fiber optic modules.

Panduit Mini-Com 12-Port Modular Faceplate Patch Panels

Mini-Com® 12-Port Modular Faceplate Patch Panels
These modular patch panels can be customized with any combination of UTP, fiber optic or audio/video modules, and have snap-in, snap-out faceplates for easy updates.

NetKey Fiber Adapter Patch Panel

NetKey® Fiber Adapter Patch Panels
Available in 24port (1U) and 48 port (2U) sizes, these fiber adapter patch panels can be used as a cable management solution in conjunction with fiber mount trays.

Panduit NetKey Flush Mount Modular Patch Panels

NetKey® Flush Mount Modular Patch Panels
Compatible with keystone modules for fiber or UTP copper cables, these patch panels feature rear-mount faceplates that sit flush with the front of the panel.

NetKey Metal Modular Patch Panel

NetKey® Metal Modular Patch Panels
These RoHS compliant panels accommodate snap-in fiber, coax, Cat5E and Cat6 modules, and can be mounted into any standard 19" rack or cabinet.

Panduit Mini-Com M6

Mini-Com® M6 Style Modular Faceplate Patch Panels
Because they arrange modules into neat groups of 6, these faceplates provide you with extra mounting and cord organization options for easy network updates. Available in 24-port and 48-port patch panel.

Panduit Mini-Com All Metal Shielded Modular Patch Panels

Mini-Com® All Metal Shielded Modular Patch Panels
These shielded panels are designed to improve overall system performance and increase stability by deflecting or redirecting EMI or RFI away from delicate wiring and components.

48 port patch panel, PAN-CPPL48WRBLY

Mini-Com® Recessed Modular Patch Panels
Designed to improve bend radius and eliminate patch cord interference, these recessed panels prevent cables from being pinched or crushed when cabinet doors are closed.

Mini-Com Angled Patch Panels

Mini-Com® Angled Patch Panels
Designed to enhance cable organization without wasting cabinet space, these patch panels maintain a safe cable bend radius while eliminating the need for horizontal cable managers.

Mini-Com High Density Patch Panels

Mini-Com® High Density Patch Panels
Thanks to an angled design that maximizes port density, these patch panels can give you up to 4 times as many connections than you'd get from an ordinary patch panel.

Mini-Com Flush Mount Panels

Mini-Com® Flush Mount Patch Panels
Available in flat and angled styles, these patch panels are loaded from the rear to give you a sleek, smooth, and organized front view.

Panduit Cat 6 & 5e Patch Panel

NetKey Cat 6 & 5e Punchdown Patch Panels
Ideal for telecom/datacom network installation, these Cat5E and Cat6 patch panels allow for fast wire terminations with a 110-style punch down tool.

DP5e  and DP6 PLUS Patch Panels

DP5e™ and DP6™ PLUS Patch Panels
Ideal for Gigabit Ethernet and Phone Systems, these Cat5e and Cat6 patch panels are equipped with pre-tested ports that have write-on labels for easy identification.

Patch Panels and Fiber Trays

Opticom Fiber Adapter Patch Panels and Fiber Trays
Perfect for custom-configuring high density fiber terminations in 19" racks and enclosures, these unloaded patch panels accommodate all pre-terminated MTP cassettes and fiber adapter panels, and protect connections with optional fiber trays.



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