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We feature a wide variety of Panduit Cable Ties: Check out our offerings of Tak-Ty, Pan-Ty, Contour Ty, Sta-Strap and many more versatile Panduit tie options. Hook and loop ties, nylon cable ties, aluminum and stainless steel ties, releasable ties, screw mount clamp ties and more are all available from Panduit, a trusted manufacturer of networking solutions. We've also got Panduit cable tie mounts and cord clips, grommet edging, and a range of cable tie installation tools. Finally, the Panduit cable bundle organizing tool can help you get your cable bundles in order.

Panduit Cable Organizer Tool

Cable Bundle Organizing Tool
Designed to create smooth, well-aligned cable bundles in very little time, these bundle organizers keep cables together and in the same order throughout the length of the run while reducing the risk of installer hand strain and cable damage.

Panduit Tak-Ty Continuous Roll

Tak-Ty® Hook and Loop Cable Tie Strips and Continuous Rolls
Messy and unmanaged cables can be an eyesore and a hazard waiting to happen. With Panduit Tak-Ty Hook and Loop perforated strips or continuous rolls, wire management is fast, easy and affordable. So protect yourself and your equipment from tripping hazards while turning a rat's nest of wires into a neat and orderly bundle that is easy on the eyes.

Panduit Tak-Ty Plenum Ties

Plenum-Rated Tak-Ty® Hook and Loop Cable Ties
Installing wires and cables in today's buildings can be tricky because of special building codes and laws requiring that special materials be used. With Panduit's plenum rated hook and loop cable ties, you can manage and organize your expensive plenum rated cabling without worrying about passing building codes or damaging wires from over-tightening.

Panduit Tak-Ty Cable Ties

Tak-Ty® Hook and Loop Cable Ties
Unmanaged and loose cables can be an eyesore, as well as a tripping hazard that can lead to personal injury or damaged equipment. With 8 available colors that will be sure to match any application Tak-Ty® Hook and Loop cable ties from Panduit tackle unruly cables in a fast, easy, and affordable way without sacrificing style.

Panduit Contour Ty

Panduit® Contour Ty™ Nylon Cable Ties
From / 1000 per pack
Ideal for aerospace, DoD, train and other critical, vibration-heavy applications, these non-abrasive cable ties create more compact cable bundles for increased performance and a professional finish.

Cable Ties - Panduit

Nylon Cable Ties
Panduit® Cable Ties can be used in countless applications from projects in your garage to bundling wires together in the house. These nylon cable ties are adaptable to any environment and can be used both inside and outside of the house.

Panduit Pan-Ty Cable Ties

Pan-Ty® 6.6 Clamp Cable Ties
From per 100/pk
Pan-Ty® clamp cable ties can be used for any application where it is necessary to clamp your wires in place. Pan-Ty Clamp Tie cables are easy to use with a curved tip to pick up from flat surfaces. They mount on almost any surface including walls and ceiling.

Pan-Ty Heat Stabilized Cable Ties

Pan-Ty® Heat Stabilized Nylon 6.6 Clamp Cable Ties
From per 1000/pk
Pan-Ty® Heat stabilized nylon 6.6 clamp cable ties can be used for any indoor application where high heat is a concern to 230° F (115° C). They can be mounted on almost any surface including walls and ceilings. UL 94 V-2 rating for flammability.

Elastomeric Cable Ties

Elastomeric Cable Ties
From per 100/pk
Perfect for organizing and securing larger cable bundles without the risk of damage from over-tightening, these stretchable rubber cable ties are able to keep an excellent grip on cables, but can be removed and reused at any time thanks to a releasable head design.

Super-Grip cable ties

Super-Grip™ Cable Ties
From / 100 per pack
Perfect for bundling and organizing cables anywhere from home to industrial facilities, these cable ties feature Super-Grip™ teeth to stay locked securely in place, and are available in standard, weather resistant and heat-stabilized styles.

panduit sta-strap bow-ty cable tie

Panduit® Sta-Strap® Bow-Ty Cable Ties
From / 100 per pack
Available in different styles for standard, outdoor and high-temp applications, these cable ties allow you to keep companion cable bundles connected and parallel to one another while still maintaining separation for organization and identification purposes.

panduit sta-strap cable ties

Panduit® Sta-Strap® Standard Two-Piece Cable Ties
From / 100 per pack
Ideal for applications where adjustments need to be made before final cable tie tensioning and trimming, these ties feature low threading force for easy manual installation, as well as a releasable design that allows for removal without tools.

Application of Panduit Sta-Strap Screw Mount Clamp Tie

Panduit® Sta-Strap® Screw Mount Clamp Ties
From / 100 per pack
Perfect for use with cable bundles or conduit, these ties can be screw-mounted onto walls and other surfaces, and are available in 3 different styles to suit a wide range of operating temperatures and environmental conditions.

Application of sta-strap chassis with centering pilot mount ties

Panduit® Sta-Strap® Chassis and Panel Mount Cable Ties
From / 50 per pack
Ideal for securing cable bundles or hoses within frames, chassis and enclosures, these cable ties feature a releasable design that allows for easy adjustment, and can be used indoors, outdoors, and in high-heat applications.

panduit sta-strap marker tie application

Panduit® Sta-Strap® Releasable Marker Ties
From / 100 per pack
These releasable marker ties provide precise adjustment and sizes to fit all bundles. Use printed labels or write directly on, your choice.

Aluminum Cable Tie

Pan-Alum™ MLT Series Aluminum Cable Ties
From per 50/pk
Panduit's® Pan-Alum™ aluminum locking cable ties provide you with a lightweight and flexible method of securing aluminum marker plates and bundling cables. These ties install and bend easily to conform to just about any sized cable bundle.

Panduit PAN-STEEL Self-Locking Stainless Steel Cable Ties

PAN-STEEL® Self-Locking Stainless Teel Ties
From per 50/pk
These Pan-Steel stainless steel cable ties from Panduit provide a strong and durable way of fastening and bundling. These ties can be used in virtually any environment, from indoor to outdoor as well as underground. Made of 304 and 316 grade stainless steel.

Pan-Steel Polyester Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Pan-Steel Polyester Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties
From / 50 per pack
Panduit’s PAN-STEEL Stainless Steel Fully Coated Cable Ties combine the strength of steel and the protection of a polyester coating for a long term bundling and fastening solution in harsh environments.

PANDUIT® Pan-Ty® Marker and Flag Ties

Pan-Ty® Marker and Flag Ties
From / 100 per pack
PANDUIT® Pan-Ty® Marker and Flag Ties come in handy when organizing is simply not enough. The need for identifying bundles is present constantly in the electrical and networking fields. Technicians know that by identifying cables they can avoid costly mistakes and downtimes. This product is a great all-in-one addition to your tools.

Pan-Steel MS75 Metal Strapping System

Panduit® Pan-Steel™ Stainless Steel Strapping System
From / 25 per pk
Money saving system that cuts labor time up to 50% and outlasts its competitors. These straps can securely lock in place municipal signage, HVAC systems, provide cable management and so much more.

Cable Ties Tools

Cable Tie Installation Tools

Panduit® Economical Cable Tie Installation Tools
Light weight cable tie tools that accommodate light to extra-heavy tensioning. Perfect for finishing construction projects and cable management applications neatly and securely.

Panduit Cable Tie Installation Tool

Ergonomic Series GTS & GTH Cable Tie Guns
PANDUIT® ergonomic series GTS & GTH are at the top of list for quality and performance in low to medium volume applications (under 50,000 ties/year). If your job involves a high number of cable tie installations, these tools are essential for optimal performance.

Panduit GS4H Cable Tie Installation Tool

GS4H Cable Tie Installation Tool
Choose Panduit’s ergonomic metal installation tool for any cable tie installation. The GS4H is easy to use with no maintenance required. Use it with S, HS, LH and H ties. This cable tie gun is MIL-T-81306A and MS90387-2 speced.


GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool
The Panduit GS4MT is a controlled tension gun style cable tie tool for all Pan-Steel type MLT ties, type MLTC coated ties, type MLTDH double wrapped ties. This cable tie installation tool is ideal for use in any construction application where metal cable ties are used.

Cord Clips & Mounts

Adhseive Backed Nylon Cord Clip

High-Bond Adhesive Backed Cord Clips
From / 100 per pack
Designed to anchor cables in harsh indoor and outdoor conditions, these cord clips are backed with a chemical- and temperature-resistant adhesive that adapts easily to both even and irregular surfaces.

Panduit Multi-Gang Cable Tie Mounts

Multi-Gang Cable Tie Mounts
Price / 100 per pack
Perfect for use on walls, ceilings, wire duct and racks, these adhesive-free cable ties are screwed onto surfaces to create sturdy, evenly-spaced tie-down points for cables, while keeping them raised 1 inch above the surface to prevent corona-effect interference.

Super-Grip Adhesive Backed Mounts

Super-Grip™ 4 Way Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mounts
From per 100/pk
Choose Panduit's Super Grip 4-Way adhesive mounts whenever you require cable bundling to be mounted and holes cannot be drilled onto the mounting surface. You can apply onto steel or painted surfaces following the surface cleaning instructions provided.


Adhesive Lined Grommet Edging
Designed to create a safety buffer on both straight and rounded sharp edges, this cut-to-fit grommet material is lined with an easy-stick adhesive that holds it in place.


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