Panduit Cable Management for Racks & EnclosuresPanduit

We feature a selection of Panduit Cable Management items specifically tailored for server racks, including Panduit Vertical Cable Managers from their NetRunner and PatchRunner lines, as well as Patchlink and NetManager Horizontal Managers. These and other Panduit rack cable management items including Cable Routing Troughs, Open Access Cable Managers, and Blanking Panels can all be found right here! Panduit is a trusted manufacturer of a variety of networking products, from cables and jacks to server racks and enclosures. Their cable management expertise is extensive, so you can't go wrong with a Panduit cable manager.

Open-Access Panduit Cable Managers

Open-Access Horizontal Cable Managers
Panduit makes high quality products for wiring and communications applications. The unique open access horizontal D-ring cable manager provides a solution for managing cable on any standard EIA 19" rack or cabinet.

PatchLink Cable Managers

PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Manager
The PANDUIT PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Manager is a perfect tool to manage your patch cables. Designed by a top brand to meet and exceed all the industry standards. This product is sure to get your cables under control and keep that racking unit nice and neat.

NetManager Panduit Cable Manager

NetManager™ High Capacity Horizontal Cable Managers
Designed to handle more demanding quantities than your average cable manager and with the latest innovative technology. Focusing on key elements such as easy access and bend radius, this product has revolutionized the way we organize our rack enclosures.

Panduit Cable Routing Trough

Cable Routing Troughs
Panduit’s cable routing trough creates a pathway in the rack which makes cables easily accessible. The pathway makes it easier to maintain your network when its time to move, add or change cables. The trough is suitable for both copper and fiber optic cables and provides a pathway in a side by side rack setting.

NetRunner Vertical Cable Management, WMPV45E

NetRunner™ Vertical Cable Manager
Panduit NetRunner Vertical Cable Managers provide a cost effective solution to organize, protect, and manage network cabling in telecommunications rooms and data centers. Cable management fingers simplify cable routing during installation and maintenance.

PatchRunner Cable Manager

PATCHRUNNER™ Vertical Cable Managers
Save on installation costs, space, and equipment with Panduit PATCHRUNNER™ Vertical Cable managers. They will allow the installer to maximize the amount of space needed for cable management by using only half the area normally required for traditional cable management systems and eliminate the need for horizontal managers.

Panduit Tool-less Rack Panels

Tool-less Blanking Network Rack Panels
Perfect for both enclosures and open server racks, these blanking panels prevent energy-wasting bypass airflow, create a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance by disguising empty spaces, and snap into place without tools for easy installation.


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