NOTRAX® Diamond Sof-Tred™ with Dyna-Shield®

This Product is made from a Closed Cell Polyvinylchloride (PVC) sponge compound which relieves leg and back discomfort!
2 stars - better

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What's special about this floor mat?

  • Overall thickness one-half inch
  • Easy to sweep clean
  • Warranty against manufacturer's defects (not warranted for use with spike heels or stools)

The DIAMOND SOF-TRED mat is a mid-priced, high-performance sponge mat with extended durability. The non-directional diamond deck plate top surface provides sure footing. The tough protective Dyna-Shield top surface is manufactured into the mat for long-wearing protection. The closed cell polyvinylchloride (PVC) sponge compound relieves leg and back discomfort.The beveled and sealed sides minimize tripping hazards and resist moisture.


MATS-419-2-3 2' x 3" Black, Gray
MATS-419-2-6 2' x 6'
MATS-419-3-4 3' x 4'
MATS-419-3-5 3' x 5'
MATS-419-3-6 3' x 6'
MATS-419-3-12 3' x 12'
MATS-419-2-3-CB 2' x 3" Black with Yellow Border
MATS-419-2-6-CB 2' x 6'
MATS-419-3-4-CB 3' x 4'
MATS-419-3-5-CB 3' x 5'
MATS-419-3-6-CB 3' x 6'
MATS-419-3-12-CB 3' x 12'
Product Comparison Good Better Best Superior
Wear Resistance . X . .
Anti-Fatigue . X . .
Slip Resistance . X . .


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Pebble Step Sof-Tred  floor matNOTRAX® Pebble Step Sof-Tred™
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The PEBBLE STEP SOF-TRED is a pebble-embossed PVC sponge compound floormat with a protective Dyna-shield top layer. This floormat offers excellent traction due to the non-directional pebble top surface. The closed cell polyvinylchloride sponge construction helps relieve leg and back fatigue.

Cushion Trax floor mat479 Cushion Trax®
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Made of durable rubber compounds, these floormats can be used in areas where welding takes place. The one inch thick, strong, heavy floormat with a rubber top surface and a dense closed cell foam base enhances ergonomic benefit and worker comfort.

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