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Meet OSHA Standards for Safety While Working on Electrical Panels


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What's special about this protective device?

  • Created for use by qualified personnel, these temporary protective placards are designed to be placed on commercial, residential, or maintenance electrical panels
  • Durable, non-conductive, magnetic strips are rated up to 600V and will not tear or puncture
  • Made of UL classified flame retardant material (UL E227413)
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TempCovers are for use over the electrical access opening of indoor electrical lighting and/or appliance branch and power circuit panel board enclosures.


GEP-TC1424-36 TempCover 14" 24" to 36" 1.05 lbs. DISCONTINUED
GEP-TC2036-48 TempCover 20" 36" to 48" 1.75 lbs. DISCONTINUED
GEP-TC2060-72 TempCover 20" 60" to 72" 1.8 lbs. DISCONTINUED
GEP-TC2072-84 TempCover 20" 72" to 84" 1.8 lbs.  DISCONTINUED

These are for temporary use while you work, so you don't waste time replacing the front panel simply to walk to your truck, or take a much needed break. You can quickly and easily place the magnetic warning sign up and walk away knowing that there is no mistaking that this is off-limits!

  • Temporary panels save you time and money - these pay for themselves after just 2 or 3 jobs
  • You will be amazed at how quickly these potentially life saving fronts can be installed
  • Meet all of OSHA's applicable standards, so you can be confident of your safety
  • Compliant with the limited accessibility provision in 29 CFR 1926.405

Perfect for:

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Industrial
  • Residential


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OSHA Standards: 29 CFR 1910: General Industries Standards - Part 1910
29 CFR 1926: Construction Standards - Part 1926
Ratings: UL E227413
Material: Flame retardant, tear and puncture resistant panelboard
Voltage rating for magentic strips: 600V

TempCovers are for: indoor use only, provide protection from incidental contact, and are for temporary use
TempCovers are not intended for Temporary Electrical Power and Lighting Installations as covered in National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 527

UL Classified Instruction for use

  1. TempCovers are design to be a temporary cover for any indoor electrical, lightening, circuit panel and/or appliance branches while a qualified electrician is in the process of wiring
  2. Do not overlap your panel box by 1/2" on the top or bottom; to insure this there is a dash line, the solid black line indicates the minimum size you can trim off of the TempCovers
  3. Customer covers can not be trimmed
  4. Joining two or more panels together to cover a panel is not allowed. The panel must be covered by one complete piece


Recommended Instructions for use

  1. Replace your TempCover if any of the following conditions exist; rips tears, bends, folds or if the magnets are not intact
  2. TempCovers are not to be left on panels if there are no qualified and/or licensed persons available
  3. Qualified person and/or persons shall be properly trained as per all applicable OSHA Standards and NFPA 70E
  4. TempCovers Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for improper training or use by the end user or end user employer


This product has starred in our Product Showcase Blog! Click here to check it out.






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