FLIR® E-Series Infrared Cameras with MSX® Technology

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What’s special about these thermal imaging cameras?

  • Provides accurate (+/-2%), detailed thermographic images in real time
  • Patented MSX® Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging delivers amazingly detailed images; numbers, labels, and signage will be clearly seen for easier location referencing
  • Choose between 4 models (by resolution) so you get the precision you need at a price you can afford (80x60, 120x90, 160x120, 320x240)
  • Ideal for occasional building inspections, HVAC jobs, pest control, crime investigation, and more
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E-Series thermographic cameras by FLIR® offer game-changing technology at price points for virtually any user. These thermal cameras employ FLIR’s patented MSX technology, which ensures that every detail of the image comes through clearly so there’s no question as to where the image was taken. Now, the numbers, letters, and other markers that never showed up before come through crystal clear. Choose between 4 models from 80x60 to 320x 240 resolutions.


EIC-63901-0101 FLIR E4 80 × 60 (4,800 pixels)
EIC-63901-0101-NIST FLIR E4 with NIST Certificate 80 × 60 (4,800 pixels)
EIC-63905-0501 FLIR E5 120 × 90 (10,800 pixels)
EIC-63905-0501-NIST FLIR E5 with NIST Certificate 120 × 90 (10,800 pixels)
EIC-63902-0202 FLIR E6 160 × 120 (19,200 pixels)
EIC-63902-0202-NIST FLIR E6 with NIST Certificate 160 × 120 (19,200 pixels)
EIC-63903-0303 FLIR E8 320 × 240 (76,800 pixels)
EIC-63903-0303-NIST FLIR E8 with NIST Certificate 320 × 240 (76,800 pixels)
EIC-T198529 Pouch Case for Ex Series
EIC-T198532 Car Carger for Ex Series, USB Micro
EIC-T198534 Power Supply for Ex Series, USB Micro
EIC-T911093 Toolbelt for Ex Series
Replacement Parts
EIC-T198530 Spare Battery for Ex Series
EIC-T198533 USB Cable for Ex Series
EIC-T198531 Battery Charger for Ex Series
  • Picture in Picture (E6 and E8 only): lets you lay a thermal image over a standard image for a clearer picture of the situation
  • Manual Range Selection (E6 and E8 only): You set the range of temperature you need to assess for more accurate job-specific results
  • Radiometric jpg Save Mode: Saves thermographic data in jpg format (see examples above)
  • Spot Measurement Mode: Allows you to “zoom” in on a certain spot to get a more accurate measurement of that spot
  • Area Box Measurement Mode: Lets you set a certain area to derive an average temperature from
  • Ergonomic grip with trigger-operated still capture for maximum convenience and comfort
  • Saves up to 1,000 images
  E4 E5 E6 E8
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
Thermal resolution 4,800 (80 × 60) 10,800 (120 × 90) 19,200 (160 × 120) 76,800 (320 × 240)
Thermal Sensititity <0.15°C <0.10°C <0.06°C <0.06°C
Temperature Range –4° F to 482°F (–20° to 250°C) –4° F to 482°F (–20° to 250°C) –4° F to 482°F (–20° to 250°C) –4° F to 482°F (–20° to 250°C)
Measurement Presets 2 presets: center spot; no
4 presets: center spot; hot spot; cold spot; no measurements 4 presets: center spot; hot spot; cold spot; no measurements 4 presets: center spot; hot spot; cold spot; no measurements
Spot Mode Center/Fixed Center/Fixed Center/Fixed Center/Fixed
Area Mode No Yes Yes Yes
Color Alarm (isotherm) No No Blue below or Red above Blue below or Red above
Frame Rate 9 Hz 9 Hz 9 Hz 9 Hz
Field of View 45° × 34° 45° × 34° 45° × 34° 45° × 34°
Focus Focus free Focus free Focus free Focus free
Min. Focus Distance 1.6 ft. (0.5 m) 1.6 ft. (0.5 m) 1.6 ft. (0.5 m) 1.6 ft. (0.5 m)
Radiometric JPEG via USB yes yes yes yes
Display Size 3.0" 3.0" 3.0" 3.0"
MSX Thermal Image Enhancement yes yes yes yes
Color (Palettes) 3: Iron, Rainbow, and Gray 3: Iron, Rainbow, and Gray 3: Iron, Rainbow, and Gray 3: Iron, Rainbow, and Gray
Battery Operating Time 4 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs
Built-in Digital Camera 640 × 480 640 × 480 640 × 480 640 × 480
Picture in Picture no no Fixed PIP Fixed PIP
FLIR Tools for PC and Mac yes yes yes yes
Drop (2 meter/6.6 feet) yes yes yes yes





FLIR i7 Compact InfraRed CameraFlir i7 Compact Infrared Camera
Ideal for engineers, building inspectors, electricians and machinists, this infrared camera is able to locate trouble-causing hotspots.
EXTECH HDV600 video scopeExtech HDV600 Series High-Definition Inspection Cameras
Perfect for use in electrical work, pest control, security, home inspections, plumbing and more, this camera allows you to record up to 4 hours of inspection video.
615 Plus Duct Wrap Fire Barrier615 Plus Duct Wrap 3M™ Fire Barrier
Provides up to 2 hours protection from the spread of flames and smoke. The perfect shield for commercial kitchen grease ducts or an office building's ventilation and air duct system. Asbestos-Free.
STI SpecSeal Flame Retardant Cable SpraySTI® SpecSeal® Flame Retardant Cable Spray
Ideal for use in conjunction with cable trays and other similar cable support structures, it creates a protective coating over cable jackets to prevent flame spread and heat damage.

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