Omni Cable Electrical Hook Up Wire 2 - 22 AWG

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  • Made specifically for internal wiring of electronic equipment, panels and meters, point-to-point wiring, and many more electrical wiring needs
  • Constructed of copper for greater conductivity
  • Available in additional colors for color-coding your wiring (please call for information & pricing on colors)
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Hookup wires are used in low current, low voltage applications within enclosed electronic equipment, as well as in control panels, meters, computers, business machines, and appliances.


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OC-L722ST-1-500 22 AWG 500 FT BLACK 4 lbs
OC-L722ST-1-1000 22 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 8 lbs
OC-L720ST-1-500 20 AWG 500 FT BLACK 4.5 lbs
OC-L720ST-1-1000 20 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 9 lbs
OC-L718ST-1-500 18 AWG 500 FT BLACK 5.5 lbs
OC-L718ST-1-1000 18 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 11 lbs
OC-L716ST-1-500 16 AWG 500 FT BLACK 7.5 lbs
OC-L716ST-1-1000 16 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 15 lbs
OC-L714ST-1-500 14 AWG 500 FT BLACK 11 lbs
OC-L714ST-1-1000 14 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 22 lbs
OC-L712ST-1-500 12 AWG 500 FT BLACK 16 lbs
OC-L712ST-1-1000 12 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 32 lbs
OC-L710ST-1-500 10 AWG 500 FT BLACK 23 lbs
OC-L710ST-1-1000 10 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 46 lbs
OC-L708ST-1-500 8 AWG 500 FT BLACK 42 lbs
OC-L708ST-1-1000 8 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 84 lbs
OC-L706ST-1-500 6 AWG 500 FT BLACK 86.5 lbs
OC-L706ST-1-1000 6 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 173 lbs
OC-L704ST-1-500 4 AWG 500 FT BLACK 133 lbs
OC-L704ST-1-1000 4 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 266 lbs
OC-L702ST-1-500 2 AWG 500 FT BLACK 150 lbs
OC-L702ST-1-1000 2 AWG 1000 FT BLACK 300 lbs

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The construction of PVC hook up cable and lead wire complies with requirements in individual applications. Suitable for the internal wiring of ovens, cooking and drying appliances, UL 1015 lead wire merges affordability with excellence. UL 1283 is perfect for use as internal wiring for appliances and electronic equipment. All of this hook up wire has a temperature range of -40° to 221° F (-40° to 105° C) and is rated to 600 volts.

  • Ideal for use with low voltage (under 1000v), low current applications
  • Meets VW-1 standard for conductors
  • Available in spool sizes of 500 and 1000 feet so you can use as little or as much as you need
  • UL 1015 or UL 1283 rated (depending on the AWG)


* Additional colors available upon request. Please call for information and pricing.


L722ST-1 22 7 X 30 0.031" 0.092" 1015
L720ST-1 20 10 X 30 0.031" 0.100" 1015
L718ST-1 18 16 X 30 0.031" 0.110" 1015
L716ST-1 16 26 X 30 0.031" 0.122" 1015
L714ST-1 14 41 X 30 0.031" 0.136" 1015
L712ST-1 12 65 X 30 0.031" 0.159" 1015
L710ST-1 10 105 X 30 0.031" 0.183" 1015
L708ST-1 8 133 X 30 0.045" 0.262" 1283
L706ST-1 6 133 X 30 0.060" 0.331" 1283
L704ST-1 4 133 X 30 0.060" 0.392" 1283
L702ST-1 2 133 X 30 0.060" 0.430" 1283


  UL 1015 Hook Up Wire UL 1283 Hook Up Wire
Volts / Temperature 600V, 221° F (105° C) 600V, 221° F (105° C)
Insulation PVC Insulation
Chemical, flame, and moisture resistant
PVC Insulation
Chemical, flame, and moisture resistant
Conductor Solid Stranded, Tinned Copper, Bare Copper Solid Stranded, Tinned Copper, Bare Copper
Applications Used as internal wiring for appliances and electronic equipment Used as internal wiring for appliances and electronic equipment





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