OEL Sales Leather Protector Gloves

Wear These Over Your "Made to Fit" OEL Rubber Insulating Gloves for Safety and Comfort


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What's special about these leather gloves?

  • Provides much needed protection against cuts, abrasions and punctures on the job
  • Dramatically reduce injuries from burns and give you time to escape so that your chances of surviving are increased
  • Made to fit perfectly with the OEL Insulating Rubber Gloves for safety and comfort
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OEL Leather protector gloves protect the hands from rough, jagged objects, as well as sparks and heat.


OEL-AFW-PG-10 Goatskin Gloves 10" 7, 8, 9,
10, 11, 12
OEL-AFW-PG-12 Cowhide Gauntlet Gloves 12" 8, 9, 10,
11, 12
OEL-AFW-BP-GLL Monotherm Polypropylene
- One Size
Fits Most

*Warning - Do not wear leather gloves without the rubber insulating gloves when working with electricity; injury or death may occur.

OEL leather protector gloves provide cushioning from blows in heavy duty work requirements as well as comfort, durability, dexterity, mild heat resistance and abrasion protection. This array of benefits makes these gloves a favorite amongst industrial workers.

  • Both types of glove are tough leather on palm side and vinyl on the back for added mobility
  • Available in full sizes from 7 to 12 in goatskin and 8 to 12 in cowhide
  • The 10" goatskin glove is designed for class 00 - 0 wiring
  • The 12" cowhide glove is designed for use with class 1- 2 wiring
  • Cowhide gloves come with the gauntlet for additional protection to forearms

Ideal for use in the following:

  • General industrial work
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Heavy duty applications
  • Operating machinery
  • Material Handling
  • Driving

Cowhide Protectors: This type of glove is the most popular protector glove. These are durable, uniform, soft and pliable. Flexible and long-wearing qualities make these ideal for heavy wear.

Goatskin Protectors: This type of glove is lightweight and flexible and delivers the best dexterity They are a supple, cream colored leather which returns to its original texture after being exposed to moisture.

Liner: These 100% polypropylene glove liners add another layer of warmth as well as provide moisture relief. They are excellent for pulling sweat and moisture from your hands. You can wear these with our without gloves but NOT for arc flash protection when used alone!

Material: Goatskin Cowhide Monotherm Polypropylene
Length: 10" 12" -
Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 One Size Fits Most
Class: 00, 0 1, 2 N/A

*Warning - Do not wear leather gloves without the rubber insulating gloves when working with electricity; injury or death may occur.

WARNING: Do not use leather protectors as sole protection against electric shock as this will lead to serious injury or death. Always use proper insulating rubber gloves. P roper care is essential to glove safety. Inspect the leather protectors when inspecting rubber gloves and remove any metal, imbedded wire, abrasive materials or any substance that could physically damage the gloves.


  • Cow – Thanks to the high availability or cow leather it is the most commonly used leather for gloves. The main producers of these gloves are the US and Australia. Advantages include comfort, durable, abrasion resistant and have excellent breathability. 
  • Goat – Testing has shown that this is a stronger, more durable leather than cow. The natural lanolin produced by goats help to create the softest, most abrasion resistant leather. This leather is highly recommended for applications requiring tactile sensitivity.





Arc Flash Protection HoodOEL 11-20 cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protection Hood
Your Arc Flash Protection Hood is your first line of defense against the potentially devastating effect arc flash can have on your face, neck and head.  When used in conjunction with the OEL Arc Flash Protection Hat and Shield, it adds comfort as well as an additional layer of safety

OEL Canvas Storage BagOEL Canvas Storage Bag
Safely stows arc flash clothing, gloves, and accessories in this roomy zippered gear bag. Always have your gear prepped and ready to go with this store-all.


OEL Arc Suppression BlanketOEL Arc Flash High Performance Shield Kits, Hats and Hoods
These kits and individual face and head protection devices maximize the ATPV or Arc Thermal Protection Value of 10 cal/cms2. The lens of the shield has a light enhancing color which enriches the field of view. The ergonomically correct design makes for a comfortable and manageable fit. The chin protector provides additional protection to the chin and neck areas.

OEL Arc Suppression BlanketOEL Arc Suppression Blanket
Electrical discharges are unpredictable and as such using an Arc Suppression Blanket helps you to come through an arc flash accident with better results than had you not used it


Arc Flash Protection Bib OverallsArc Flash Protection Bibs 12 to 55 cal/cm2
The perfect complement to the OEL Arc Flash Jacket is the OEL Bib Overall. The Bib’s most attractive feature is that it is constructed for ease of use without compromising the integrity or the safety of the material. This garment has shoulder straps with a quick disconnect feature in order to quickly and easily put on and remove the overall.

Arc Flash Rubber GLovesArc Flash Rubber Gloves
Electrical workers are required to wear rubber insulating gloves as they are one of the most important items for personal protection.


goatskin protective glovesBashlin Kunz Lineworker Gloves
Thanks to an innovative thumbs-free design, these gloves reduce hand fatigue and increase comfort and mobility, even when worn with rubber PPE gloves.

OEL-MTK OEL Sales 30 Piece Deluxe Maintenance Insulated Tool KitOEL-MTK OEL Sales 30 Piece Deluxe Maintenance Insulated Tool Kit
This kit includes 29 double-insulated tools, rated for 1000-V ac live line use, in a die-cut case that keeps everything organized and simplifies quick tool accountability upon leaving a job.

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