OEL Arc Flash 8 - 40 cal/cm² Arc Flash Protection Coats

Breathability, Comfort and Superior Protection from Arc Flash


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What's special about these PPE Coats?

  • PPE coats are made from arc flash resistant, Indura Ultra Soft® and sewn with Nomex® thread for comfort as well as protection
  • High temperature plastic zipper can withstand the arc emergencies so that it is functional after a hazard has occurred
  • The 31 - 55 cal/cm2 coats are equipped with FR hooks & pile storm flaps because of the heavier material
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The maximum arc flash protection of a kit is equal to the lowest cal/cm2 rating of any component in the selected safety kit. More


50" Arc Flash Protection Coats

OEL-AFW080-C 8 cal/cm2 1 S, M, L, XL,
2XL, 3XL,
4XL, 5XL
Orange 2.2 lbs. DISCONTINUED
OEL-AFW017-C 12 cal/cm2 2 S, M, L, XL,
2XL, 3XL,
4XL, 5XL
Green 2.6 lbs. DISCONTINUED
OEL-AFW018-C 20 cal/cm2 2 S, M, L, XL,
2XL, 3XL,
4XL, 5XL
Orange 2.9 lbs. DISCONTINUED
OEL-AFW085-C 25 cal/cm2 3 S, M, L, XL,
2XL, 3XL,
4XL, 5XL
Green 3.1 lbs. DISCONTINUED
OEL-AFW020-C 31 cal/cm2 3 S, M, L, XL,
2XL, 3XL,
4XL, 5XL
Green 3.6 lbs. DISCONTINUED
OEL-AFW019-C 40 cal/cm2 4 S, M, L, XL,
2XL, 3XL,
4XL, 5XL
Blue 4.4 lbs. DISCONTINUED

*Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) - This represents the maximum capability for arc flash protection of a particular piece of outer wear. This value applies to fabrics. If a garment is made from more than one layer of arc flash rated fabric, it will have a calorie per square centimeter rating greater than the sum of the ATPV ratings of the original fabrics.

Depending on the application which you are being protected from, you must select the risk category that suits your needs to be safe. Your Arc Flash Coat will provide you with the potentially life saving layer of protection you need from the energy leaving an electrical enclosure during an explosion caused by equipment failure or other arc fault. The goal of your OEL Arc Flash Coat is to limit your injury to reversible damage, less than a second degree burn.

  • Each coat is 50" long and has Nomex® wristlets
  • The back expands when needed for a comfortable fit so that you can do the job you need to do
  • Dual stage front closure gives you double the protection
  • These coats are meant to be worn with the Arc Flash Wear Hoods
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL (4 and 5XL must be special ordered so allow for more time)
  • Meets current ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E standards
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

PPE provides protection after an arc flash incident has occurred and should be viewed as the last line of protection. Reducing the frequency and severity of incidents should be the first option and this can be achieved through a complete arc flash hazard assessment and through the application of technology such as High Resistance Grounding which has been proven to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents.

Item ATPV Rating Risk Category Material Color Weight
OEL-AFW080-C 8 cal/cm2 1 Indura Ultra Soft® with Nomex® thread and wristlets Orange 2.2 lbs.
OEL-AFW017-C 12 cal/cm2 2 Indura Ultra Soft with Nomex thread and wristlets Green 2.6 lbs.
OEL-AFW018-C 20 cal/cm2 2 Indura Ultra Soft with Nomex thread and wristlets Orange 2.9 lbs.
OEL-AFW085-C 25 cal/cm2 3 Indura Ultra Soft with Nomex thread and wristlets Green 3.1 lbs.
OEL-AFW020-C 31 cal/cm2 3 Indura Ultra Soft with Nomex thread and wristlets Blue 3.6 lbs.
OEL-AFW019-C 40 cal/cm2 4 Indura Ultra Soft with Nomex thread and wristlets Blue 4.4 lbs.





Arc Flash Protection HoodOEL 11-20 cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protection Hood
Your Arc Flash Protection Hood is your first line of defense against the potentially devastating effect arc flash can have on your face, neck and head.  When used in conjunction with the OEL Arc Flash Protection Hat and Shield, it adds comfort as well as an additional layer of safety

OEL Canvas Storage BagOEL Canvas Storage Bag
Safely stows arc flash clothing, gloves, and accessories in this roomy zippered gear bag. Always have your gear prepped and ready to go with this store-all.


OEL Arc Suppression BlanketOEL Arc Flash High Performance Shield Kits, Hats and Hoods
These kits and individual face and head protection devices maximize the ATPV or Arc Thermal Protection Value of 10 cal/cms2. The lens of the shield has a light enhancing color which enriches the field of view. The ergonomically correct design makes for a comfortable and manageable fit. The chin protector provides additional protection to the chin and neck areas.

OEL Arc Suppression BlanketOEL Arc Suppression Blanket
Electrical discharges are unpredictable and as such using an Arc Suppression Blanket helps you to come through an arc flash accident with better results than had you not used it

Brady Personal Lockout KitBrady Personal Basic Lockout Kit
Why put your safety in the hands of anyone but yours? Carry this personal sized lockout/ tagout kit with you to all jobs where you may be working on live circuits so that regardless of the jobsite conditions, you are prepared to be safe.

arc circuit testerSureTest® Arc Circuit Tester - IDEAL 61-059
Mini SureTest® Arc Fault Circuit Breaker Finder Receptacle Tester tests for correct wiring, open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, hot and ground reversed, and hot on neutral with neutral open.


Arc Flash Protection Bib OverallsArc Flash Protection Bibs 12 to 55 cal/cm2
The perfect complement to the OEL Arc Flash Jacket is the OEL Bib Overall. The Bib’s most attractive feature is that it is constructed for ease of use without compromising the integrity or the safety of the material. This garment has shoulder straps with a quick disconnect feature in order to quickly and easily put on and remove the overall.

Arc Flash Rubber GLovesArc Flash Rubber Gloves
Electrical workers are required to wear rubber insulating gloves as they are one of the most important items for personal protection.


Arc Flash Protection JacketOEL 12 - 55 cal/cm2 Arc Flash Protection Jackets
To ensure you and your employees have the highest level of protection on electrical jobs, be sure to wear Arc Flash Clothing such as these jackets which meet or exceed the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association.

Leather Protection GlovesOEL Leather Protector Gloves
OEL Leather protector gloves protect the hands from rough, jagged objects, as well as sparks and heat.

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