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From the first call of "Quiet on the set!" to programming the closing credits, making a film takes a lot more than scripts, actors and cameras. There are critical cables to hide and protect, on-set tripping accidents to prevent, media to store, and tech staff who need ergonomic workstations for those all-nighters in the editing room.

At, we have it all, from skid-proof braided sleeving for cable snakes, to high-performance surge protectors and UPSs to safely power specialized equipment. You'll find modular workstation built for multiple-monitor setups, and multimedia racks for customizable storage. With one-stop shopping like this, your on-set and behind-the-scenes supply needs will be wrapped in no time.



On Set

Non-Skid Braided Sleeving

Non-Skid Slip Resistant Braided Sleeving
From per spool
High-friction braid grips the floor when stepped on, reducing the risk of cable-related slip-and-fall accidents on movie sets and stages, as well as in studios.

Studio Key Sleeve

Studio Key Sleeve
Price for 10ft spool
This product allows you to distinguish cables and wires while filming for isolation and removal in the editing process. The sleeve provides both green and blue screen cable management to accommodate your studio's color set-up.

yellow SafCord on stairs

SafCord Cord Covers
Washable, reusable SafCord fastens loose floor cords to loop-style, commercial grade and Berber carpets without any sticky adhesives. Made of strong Cordura nylon, this flat cord cover is held in place with non-damaging hook and loop.

Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape

Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape
An entertainment industry favorite, this matte, vinyl-coated cloth tape is can be torn by hand, doesn't promote light reflection, and is perfect for splicing cables.

Cable Path Tape

Cable Path™ Tape
With rubber adhesive edging and a clear inner channel, Cable Path™ temporarily routes and tapes down cables at special events, and leaves no residue when removed.

Tunnel Tape

Tunnel Tape
Designed to temporarily position cables along the floor, this tape has adhesive only along its edges, so that no sticky residue is left behind on cables.

Yellow Jackt 5-channel Cable Protector

Heavy Duty Cable Protectors
Designed to provide the ultimate protection for on-set cables and staff, these heavy duty polyurethane cable covers guard wiring from pedestrians, golf carts and heavier vehicular traffic, as well as prevent tripping accidents. Many brands, colors and sizes available.

In the Editing Room

computer workbench

Kendall Howard Computer WorkBench
Available in 4 widths, these modular computer workstations let you custom-configure the ideal workspace, and feature upper shelves that can adjust in any increment.

heavy duty lan rack

Kendall Howard Performance Plus™ Heavy Duty 4-Post LAN Racks
Able to support up to 850 lbs per shelf, these heavy duty LAN rack workstations are ideal for IT labs, warehouse shipping stations, and audio/video stations.

LCD Monitoring Desks

LCD Monitoring/Command Desk - Middle Atlantic
Easy to assemble and custom configurable, these ergonomic computer desks feature built-in power distribution, cable management, CPU mounts, and optional LCD mounts.

standard workstation, ADV-STD

Great Lakes BS2 Advantage® Standard Workstation
Equipped with overhead storage, a dual-screen mount and built-in cable management, this computer workstation can stay organized while adapting to your needs.

digital office suite, ADV-DOS

Great Lakes BS2 Advantage® Digital Office Suite
Incorporating a desk with a server enclosure, this workstation gives you a secure place to house sensitive network equipment, as well as a comfortable place to work.

Media Storage Racks

Dasco Media Storage Racks
Ideal for large home theaters, small offices and library media collections, these multimedia storage racks allow you to separate, organize and store multiple media types all in one place.

Black Box Multimedia Cabinet

Black Box Computer Multimedia Cabinet
Perfect for schools, offices, A/V rooms and libraries, this strong and secure multimedia cabinet allows you to neatly organize CDs, DVDs, disks and cassette tapes as they're stored under lock and key to prevent theft, misplacement and other damage.

Digital UPS

Tripp Lite Digital UPS Systems
UPS backup power during a blackout, brownout, surge or other unexpected electrical event. With the combination of a microcontroller unit (MCU) and digital signal processor (DSP) in a single chip, these digital UPS's allow higher performing power protection at a much lower cost.


Tripp Lite Omni VS Series UPS Systems
The Omni VS series UPS is perfect for entry-level PCs, networked workstations, point-of-sale equipment, small business phone systems, audio/video equipment and home theater systems.

BC Pro

Tripp Lite BC Professional UPS
These uninterrupted power systems, for desktop applications are available in a wide variety of protection capabilities to protect every size computer from the potentially catastrophic effects due to power problems.



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