MOHAWK Spectrum™ Low-Skew Twisted Pair Video Cable

Fast, Reliable Video Signal Over Twisted Pair

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What's special about this low skew video cable?

  • Video signal over “category” style twisted pair cable supports longer cable runs than currently available with coax cable
  • Built-in “low skew” of 2.2ns/100m means all parts of images traveling along the separate pairs of the cable are within 2.2 nanoseconds of each other
  • With a smaller overall diameter than other RGB (red, green, blue) or coax video cables, this product allows for more runs, and can be hidden in walls or raceways
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Mohawk's Spectrum Series is a cost effective alternative to coax for video applications. With the rapid growth of the digital signage industry, this innovative new cable concept was born. Can be used in a variety of industries such as retail signage, supermarkets, education, banking, government, hospitality and transportation. Easily terminated with an RJ45 connector so contractors and installers are already familiar with the cable structure and installation.


MOH-M58814 Spectrum™ Plenum UTP 0.185" [4.7mm] 23 lbs [149 kg] 1,000 ft
MOH-M58813 Sepctrum™ Riser UTP 0.19" [4.8mm] 20 lbs [293 kg] 1,000 ft
  • Built solely for video transmission, this cable will not work with data applications, and provides crisp, uninterrupted video
  • Works like standard format RGB video by delivering a portion of the signal over three pairs of standard UTP data style cable at the same time to provide the clearest image
  • Skew of 2.2ns/100m ensures that the images being transmitted will arrive within 2.2ns of each other on each set of twisted pairs
  • Lower skew allows cables to run of up to 2000ft before any signal degradation is experienced
  • Constructed of 24 AWG solid copper, and is available in either plenum or riser jacketing
  • Smaller diameter cable (0.185”) is much narrower than the standard bulky and expensive coax cables that are typically used
  • Footage markers are printed on the jacket from 1000ft to 0ft on each reel providing you pre-measured lengths while installing
  • Product is covered by US Patent No.5563377



  • ETL (USA) & ETL (CANADA) listed for this application by passing NFPA 262
  • For use in air handling ducts and spaces in accordance with article 800 of the National Electrical Code (NEC)



  • For use as a vertical run in a shaft and for general purpose communications use in accordance with NEC 800
  • ETL (USA) & cETL (CANADA) listed for this application by passing UL 1666 Riser Cable Flammability Test
  • Passes the CSA FT4 Vertical Flame Test



  • RoHS compliant
  • CSA C22.2 No 0.3


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Physical Characteristics
Length 1000 ft Reels
Jacket Type/Color
Plenum Maroon Thermoplen
Non-Plenum Maroon PVC
Conductor 24 AWG (.5 mm) Solid Bare Copper
Plenum Dual Insulation, FEP on all 4 pairs
Non-Plenum Thermoplastic Polyolefin
Shield Type NONE
Bending Radius 1” (25.4 mm) Min. (4 x Cable OD)
Pulling Tension 25 lbf (110 N) Max.
Operating Temp –20°C to +60°C (–4°F to +140°F)
Storage Temp –20°C to +75°C (–4°F to +167°F)
Installation Temp 0°C to +60°C (+32°F to +140°F)
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Rating 300 VOLTS
Conductor DCR 9.38 Ω/100m (28.6 Ω/Mft) MAX
DCR Unbalance 5% MAX
Mutual Capacitance 46 pF/m (14 pF/ft) NOM
Capacitance Unbalance Pair / Ground 132 pF/100m (400 pF/Mft) MAX
Characteristic Impedance 100 Ω ± 15% (1-100 MHz)
Return Loss (SRL) 20 + 5 log10 (f ) dB MIN (1-10 MHz)
25 dB MIN (>10-20 MHz)
25 - 7 log10 (f /20) dB MIN (>20 MHz)
Insertion Loss 1.967 √f + .023 ƒ + 0.050√ dB/100m MAX
Propagation Delay - SKEW 534 + 36 / √ƒ ns/100m MAX
Nominal Velocity Propagation 72% Plenum - 68% Non-Plenum

Where ƒ = Frequency in MHz from .772 to 16 MHz


Reference Electrical Characteristics
(dB/100m) (dB/mft)
  avg max max min
0.772 1.6 1.8 5.5 -
1 1.8 2.0 6.3 20.0
4 3.8 4.1 13 23.0
8 5.4 5.8 18 24.5
10 6.0 6.5 20 25.0
16 7.6 8.2 25 25.0
20 8.6 9.3 28 25.0
25 9.7 10.4 32 24.3
31.25 10.9 11.7 36 23.6
62.5 15.8 17.0 52 21.5
100 20.5 22.0 67 20.1
155 26.2 28.1 86 18.8
200 30.2 32.4 99 18

This product has starred in our Product Showcase Blog! Click here to check it out.






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