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Mohawk RG6 Coax Cable

RG6 Shielded Coax Cable
From /1000ft
Designed to deliver clear, interference-free digital video signals, these shielded coax cables are perfect for use in schools and hospitals, as well as for security, CATV and video camera applications.

Mohawk Unshielded Cat 3 Cable

Category 3 CMP/CMR Cable
From / 1000FT Reel
Perfect for data centers, campuses, broadcasting and government/military applications, these cables support a variety of analog and digital voice and Ethernet applications, and are available in plenum and non-plenum ratings.

LAN-Trak Outdoor CAT Cable

LAN-Trak Outside Plant Cable
From / 1000ft
OSP cables are superb for outdoor applications and allows you great moisture and UV protection. Suitable outdoor network locations for use include: parking lots; schools and trailers.

Mohawk RG11 Coax Cable

RG11 Dual and Quad Shielded Coax
From / 1000ft
Designed to support a wide range of digital video applications, including HDTV, this cable is available with your choice of dual or quad shields, to protect video signals from interference and degradation.

10 Gb Cat6A

Augmented Cat 6A UTP GigaLAN 10®
From / 1000 FT
Ideal for data centers, healthcare facilities, schools and financial centers, this Cat6a cable features an interior core separator to reduce crosstalk, and a smaller outer diameter to allow for higher-density cable runs.

MOHAWK Spectrum

Spectrum Low-Skew Twisted Pair Video Cable
Far thinner and more affordable than coax cable, this twisted-pair video cable allows signals to travel up to 2000 feet without degradation, and is easy for installers to use, as it's terminated with simple RJ45 connectors.

Mohawk High Pair Cat 3 Cable

Power Sum Backbone Category 3 Cable
From / 1000FT Reel
Designed with up to 300 pairs of twisted copper conductors, these crosstalk-protected cables let you run multiple office phone connections with just a single cable.

Mohawk Cat 5-5e High Pair Cable

Category 5/5E Power Sum Backbone Cables
From / 1000FT
Ideal for expanding existing data networks and use in open network architecture, these cables support applications with bandwidths up to 100 MHz, and feature Power Sum compliance to drastically reduce alien crosstalk.

Mohawk RiserLite

RiserLite® Central Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable
From / 3,300 FT
Designed to ease indoor/outdoor transitions in dual environment installations, these gel-filled, loose tube fiber cables eliminate the need for threshold splices at building entrances, saving you time and money on installation.

Mohawk Distribution Cables

Distribution Fiber Optic Cables
From / 281 FT
Tightly buffered with individually color-coded overlays, these riser and plenum grade fiber cables feature aramid strength members and crush-resistant outer jackets that protect fibers during termination and installation.

Mohawk indoor and outdoor distribution fiber optic cable

Tight Buffered Fiber Optic Cable
Well-suited to both indoor and outdoor installations, these tight-buffered fiber optic cables feature flame retardant jackets for riser and plenum applications, and UV- and water-resistant construction for outdoor use.

Mohawk RiserLite Indoor Outdoor Cable

RiserLite® Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable
From / 3,281 FT
Ideal for use indoors, outdoors and in building transitions, these loose-tube fiber optic cables are filled with a thixtropic gel that protects the fibers from liquids, fungus growth, and other environmental contaminants.

Mohawk RiserLite Tube Armored Fiber Optic Cable

RiserLite® Loose Tube Armored Fiber Optic Cable
From / 3,281 FT
Engineered to suit applications ranging from direct burial and aerial lashing to long-haul networking and building interconnects, these loose-tube fiber cables feature inner corrugated steel armor and a fiberglass strength core for extra protection.

Armored Loose Tube Fiber Optics

Armored Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable
From / 3,281 FT
Perfect for building interconnects and other outdoor applications, these armored fiber cables are well protected against crushing, cutting and gnawing, and are flooded with water-blocking gel to prevent moisture from hindering signal transmission.

indoor outdoor VersaLite plenum cable

VersaLite™ Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Fiber Optic Cable
From for 3,281 ft
Perfect for transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments without extra splices, this compact cable is available with anywhere from 6 to 144 fibers, and is made entirely from insulating materials to eliminate the need for grounding.

Mohawk Breakout Cable

Breakout Riser and Plenum
From for 3,281 ft
Ideal for indoor use as office, data center and factory floor cabling, these gel-free riser and plenum-grade fiber optic cables are resistant to both water and impact, ensuring ongoing high-level performance despite bumps, moves and repeated handling.



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