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RG58 Cable
Is a specific type of coaxial cable often used for Thin Ethernet (10BASE2) and low-power signal connections. The cable has a characteristic impedance of either 50 or 52. When used for Ethernet, it provides a maximum segment length of 185 meters. Most two-way radio communication systems, such as marine SSB, marine VHF, amateur, police, fire, WLAN Antennas etc., are designed to work with 50 cable. RG-58 cable is commonly used as a generic carrier of signals in physical laboratories, since it is commonly combined with BNC connectors that are common on equipment such as oscilloscopes. However, interconnecting equipment with multiple coax cables can lead to ground loops, which can pick-up 50-60 Hz fields from the AC mains. RG-58 cable can be used for moderately high frequencies. Its signal attenuation depends on the frequency, e.g. from 0.11 dB/m at 50 MHz to 1.4 dB/m at 2 GHz