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Harmonics are the by-product of modern electronic equipment such as televisions, fax machines, personal computers, laptops, or anything else powered by a switched-mode power supply. Harmonics can cause any number of problems in facilitis useing alot of electiconic equioment; some of the major side affects of harmonics can be increased load currents leading to overheated components, voltage distortion leading to a degradation of system performance, and false tripping of branch circuit breakers.Because of these reasons and many others, it's important for large commercial and industrial facilities to test for and limit their harmonic output.

A harmonic is a current or voltage frequency with an integer multiplier of fundamental power frequencies such as 50Hz for European power and 60Hz for American Power. So if the first fundamental frequency is 50Hz, the 2nd would be 100Hz, 3rd would be 150Hz and so on. Harmonic frequencies ranging from the 3rd to the 25th are the most common range of frequencies measured in electrical distribution system.