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GR-63 CORE Physical Protection deals with physical characteristics of the equipment. There are numerous tests involved in the compliance process for GR-63, some more severe than others. The earthquake simulation is an example of a severe test. It simulates a 32-s time-history shock pulse created by Telcordia, with the shock response spectra (SRS) in the range of 5g at the base of the frame. The low-frequency portion of the time history produces displacements of approximately 10 in. peak-to-peak. For the simulated earthquake, the unit under test (UUT) is mounted into a Zone 4 certified test frame, and the frame is configured to best duplicate the mass and stiffness of a fully loaded frame. Let's face it, the need to occupy every square inch of a rack in a CO is common. The 32-s time-history shock pulse then is performed and the excitation of the framework measured at both the middle and top of the frame. Displacement at the top of the frame is measured relative to the base in inches and must not exceed 3 in. zero to peak. The UUT must be functional both before and after the test, with an objective for the unit to function during test