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CE Rated

CEAbout the CE marking
Marking of electrical equipment, machinery, gas appliances and heating boilers within the European Union
Electrical equipment, machinery, gas appliances and heating boilers to be marketed within the European Economic Area must bear the CE marking. It is a self declaration but mandatory. CE marking generally requires a Technical Construction File, which forms the basis for the Declaration of Conformity. The Technical Construction File indicates the product's conformity with the directives and includes the test reports for the product. The directives require that the manufacturer is capable of manufacturing products of consistent quality. SGS is a notified body and is able to support you to fulfil the requirements of the CE marking.
Advantages of the CE marking
This is a declaration by the manufacturer or by an importer located within the European Economic Area that the product complies with the essential health and safety requirements of the relevant EU directives. Products being sold in or, respectively, imported into the European Union have to comply with this EU-directive and, for confirmation, have to carry a visible CE-marking. This applies to more than 80% of all industrial and consumer products. Sale without a CE-marking within the EU is not permitted.