Remove & Reuse Mille-Tie

A Quick Guide To Using Mille-Ties Effectively

Fit the Mille-Tie by threading the tongue through the last available cell (1).

Carefully pull the tie snug (2) and remove any excess strip (3).

Reuse this shorter Mille-Tie until it runs out (4, 5). Each Mille-Tie strip can fit three or four ties, depending on application.

Basic Fitting Technique of Millie-Ties
Basic Fitting Technique


Fit Mille-Tie as normal but do not remove the remaining strip. Instead reverse-thread the tongue through the same latching cell (1).

Pull the Mille-Tie halfway through for a quick-release system (2).

Pull fully through to release (3). Removed Mille-Ties (4) can be kept and reused.

Removal of Millie-Ties
Basic Removal Technique



standard mille-tieStandard Mille-Tie
From / 100 per pack
Made up 33 flexible “cells” instead of one continuous strap, a Mille-Tie cannot be over-tightened, and often allows for several “ties” from a single strip.
low smoke zero halogen mille-tieLow-Smoke-Zero-Halogen Mille-Ties
Price / per 100 pack
The Mille-Tie now also offers you the added reassurance of enhanced fire safety and reduced environmental impact. Whatever the application, LSOH Mille-Ties can play an essential role in maintaining system performance and meeting modern environmental and safety regulations.
plenum mille-tiePlenum (UL1565) Mille-Tie
Price / per 100 pack
These UL-rated ties are molded from a custom polymer that conforms to health and safety requirements for use in air handling spaces.
Heavy Duty Mille-TieHeavy-Duty Mille-Tie
From / 10 per pack
With a thicker, wider design that supports heavier cable bundles (up to 50 lbs), these unique cable ties reduce waste, and are virtually impossible to over-tighten.


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