How to Use Mille-Tie

Mille-Tie is a perfect tool when installing and maintaining punch down patch panels. In this example of a 24-way patch panel from TKM normally 24 cable ties would be used. But instead, only 4 Mille-Ties are required, a saving of 75%!

Mille-Tie perfectly matches the spacing between the tie-off pegs, so that only a single MIlle-Tie is needed for each bank of six. No other type of cable management system is able to offer this kind of simplicity or efficiency!

Mille-Tie and patch panels
Patch Panels
Mille-Tie in cable trays and baskets
Cable Trays & Baskets

Much of the structured cabling that gets installed is placed into cable trays and baskets.
These present a special risk to the cabling, as the sharp edges can easily cut into the sleeving if the cables are pulled into them.

By using Mille-Ties ability to form multiple loops it is possible to bind the bundle by itself, and then affix it to the tray with a second loop, as pictured here.

In this way, cable bundles can adequately be spaced from the dangerous metal edges.

A CA-Apex Ltd. produce a Compact Mini Office System (CMOS) which contains unique patch panel modules. It is designed to connect the information systems used in modern offices, distributing voice and data services to the user outlets in the same way as an electrical distribution unit.

Mille-Tie fasteners are supplied with all CMOS units.

Apex Box
Racks & Cabinets
Mille-Tie holding cables
Site Maintenance

Other forms of cable management are limited in their utility, but the Millepede Mille-Tie is so adaptable that it can be used almost anywhere.



standard mille-tieStandard Mille-Tie
From / 100 per pack
Made up 33 flexible “cells” instead of one continuous strap, a Mille-Tie cannot be over-tightened, and often allows for several “ties” from a single strip.
low smoke zero halogen mille-tieLow-Smoke-Zero-Halogen Mille-Ties
Price / per 100 pack
The Mille-Tie now also offers you the added reassurance of enhanced fire safety and reduced environmental impact. Whatever the application, LSOH Mille-Ties can play an essential role in maintaining system performance and meeting modern environmental and safety regulations.
plenum mille-tiePlenum (UL1565) Mille-Tie
Price / per 100 pack
These UL-rated ties are molded from a custom polymer that conforms to health and safety requirements for use in air handling spaces.
Heavy Duty Mille-TieHeavy-Duty Mille-Tie
From / 10 per pack
With a thicker, wider design that supports heavier cable bundles (up to 50 lbs), these unique cable ties reduce waste, and are virtually impossible to over-tighten.


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