Heavy-Duty Mille-Tie Technical Specifications

heavy duty millie-tie dimensions

Physical Properties
Length Of Strip: 560mm (22")
Width (Latching Cell): 20 mm (0.8")
Width (Spacer Cell): 12 mm (0.5")
Thickness: 2.0mm (0.1")
Cells per Strip / Fastening Holes (One per cell): 28 (1 per 20mm (0.75") approx.
Maximum Bundle Size (Full Strip): >150 mm (6") diameter
Minimum Bundle Size: <25mm (1") diameter
Uses Per Strip @ 25mm (1") Diameter: 5
Usage per Strip @ 30mm (24x CAT6 cables): 4
Fastening Hole Diameter: 4mm (0.1") (Accepts M4/3BA fastener)
Standard Colours Available: Black (UV stabilized, All Weather)

Material Properties
Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Alloy
Density: -3 1160Kgm
Tensile and Tear Strength: High
Ultimate Material Tensile Strength: 40MPa (5800psi)
Ultimate Material Elongation: Approx. 460%
Taber Abrasion H-18 Wheel, 1Kg (1.1lbs) Load: Low (Good abrasion resistance)
Modulus of Elasticity: Very Low (Very flexible)
Resistance to Fuels and Oils: Excellent

Mechanical Properties

Maximum Strength: single loop: 9Kg (20lbs)
Maximum Strength: secure latch: 23Kg (50lbs)

Thermal Properties

Recommended Service Temp Range [no load]: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Short Temp Peak Temp Range [no load]: -30°C to +80°C (-22°F to 176°F)
Vicat Softening Temperature: 130°C (266°F)
Glass Transition Temperature: -30°C (-22°F) [Pellet sample]

Flame & UV Properties

UV Properties [Black UV resistant]: Excellent

Product Details
Product Code: HDMT-BK-10-UK
Description: 5m (16Ft) of heavy duty Mille-Tie strips
Size: 10 x 560mm (22") strips

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