Cable Protection with Mille-Ties

Mille-Tie Won't Crush Your Cables

Modern cables must now be regarded as 'data-pipelines' which become increasingly fragile as bandwidths increase. Installation and maintenance must be performed carefully, and an installer's choice of cable management can have a profound effect on the system's resulting performance.

regular ties crush cables, Mille-Ties don't

Conventional cables ties can be readily overtightened during initial installation. They can be tightened further during routine checks, and they can get even tighter still in cold conditions or as the plastic dries out and contracts.

This all adds up to squashed cables, and even on older "low-tech" cabling systems, the cumulative long term effects of this insidious process can be noticed, as these test results demonstrate.

cable bundle in Mille-Tie cable bundle held by nylon tie
Cable bundle being held
by a Mille Tie
Cable bundle being held by a conventional nylon tie. Note the deformation to the cable caught in the top corner


Pulling a standard cable tie "one-click-too-far" is all it takes to squash delicate cable, but the Mille-Tie is designed to resist over-tightening - it simply won't latch until the force is reduced. This means that excessive pressure cannot be sustained, greatly reducing the chances of damaging the cable.

Millepede call this system "Intelligent Grip", and it means that installers can apply a controlled and even tension to their cables without fear of altering their shape and compromising their performance.

It is also clear that even when fitted 'correctly' with a low tension, conventional cable ties can still pinch some of the cables.

They form uneven teardrop shapes that inevitably lead to compression incidents at the latching point.

Mille-Tie is designed to contour more evenly around the bundle, ensuring it can rotate freely, as a properly fitted tie always should.



standard mille-tieStandard Mille-Tie
From / 100 per pack
Made up 33 flexible “cells” instead of one continuous strap, a Mille-Tie cannot be over-tightened, and often allows for several “ties” from a single strip.
low smoke zero halogen mille-tieLow-Smoke-Zero-Halogen Mille-Ties
Price / per 100 pack
The Mille-Tie now also offers you the added reassurance of enhanced fire safety and reduced environmental impact. Whatever the application, LSOH Mille-Ties can play an essential role in maintaining system performance and meeting modern environmental and safety regulations.
plenum mille-tiePlenum (UL1565) Mille-Tie
Price / per 100 pack
These UL-rated ties are molded from a custom polymer that conforms to health and safety requirements for use in air handling spaces.
Heavy Duty Mille-TieHeavy-Duty Mille-Tie
From / 10 per pack
With a thicker, wider design that supports heavier cable bundles (up to 50 lbs), these unique cable ties reduce waste, and are virtually impossible to over-tighten.


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