Middle Atlantic High CFM Split Rear Door

Increased Airflow Upgrade for Middle Atlantic Enclosures

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What's special about these split rear doors?

  • Uniquely designed to provide maximum air flow inside hardworking enclosures by removing hot air from densely populated equipment and redirecting it upward toward air returns
  • RoHSPreconfigured with six-6” factory installed fans that provide an astounding 1,320 CFM of air movement
  • Split doors provide easier access to cables and rear components, while requiring less space to open and close than single-door types
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The High CFM Split Rear Door for Middle Atlantic WMRK and MRK series enclosures provides a high profile appearance to these already appealing enclosures, while circulating and removing damaging hot air created by hardworking, and often congested, equipment. With the option of upgrading to an incredible 3,520 CFM, worrying about overheated equipment and network shutdowns due to improper cooling has become a thing of the past.


MA-MW-CFRD-42 73.375" Split Rear Door 42 RMU WMRK Enclosure Black 114 lbs
MA-MW-CFRD-44 76.875" Split Rear Door 44 RMU MRK Enclosure Black 116 lbs
MA-MW-CFRD-45 78.625" Split Rear Door 45 RMU WMRK Enclosure Black 118 lbs


Additional Fans

MA-MW-CFRD-FKIT 6" Fan for CFM Doors 220 3 lbs
  • Additional space provided for ten 6” fans, to boost the maximum air movement to 3,520 CFM
  • Fans can be removed and relocated to accommodate special equipment or cooling requirements
  • Each door features its own removable SignalSafe™ IEC power cord, allowing them to be plugged into separate circuits
  • Includes two adjustable half blank panels for versatile fan arrangement
  • Durable black powder coat finish provides lasting beauty and strength
  • RoHS Compliant
  • cULus Listed - File E252615
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USAUSA



# of Fans Voltage
(VAC @ 60Hz)
Current (A) Power (Watts) Airflow CFM
(M3 / Min)
dBA *
6 120 2.4 288 1320 (37.4) 64.0
7 120 2.8 336 1540 (43.6) 64.7
8 120 3.2 384 1760 (49.8) 65.2
9 120 3.6 432 1980 (56.0) 65.8
10 120 4.0 480 2200 (62.3) 66.2
11 120 4.4 528 2420 (68.5) 66.6
12 120 4.8 576 2640 (74.7) 67.0
13 120 5.2 624 2860 (80.9) 67.3
14 120 5.6 672 3080 (87.2) 67.7
15 120 6.0 720 3300 (93.4) 68.0
16 120 6.4 768 3520 (99.6) 68.2

* dBA is measured one meter away vertically and horizontally from door.


Fits 42 RU WMRK 44 RU MRK 45 RU WMRK
Height 73.375" [1864 mm] 76.875" [1953 mm] 78.625" [1997 mm]
Width (per half door) 9.43" [240 mm] 9.43" [240 mm] 9.43" [240 mm]
Depth (thickness) 1.46" [37 mm] 1.46" [37 mm] 1.46" [37 mm]
# Included Fans 6 (3 per half door) 6 (3 per half door) 6 (3 per half door)
Total # of Possible Fans 16 (8 per half door) 16 (8 per half door) 16 (8 per half door)
Circuit Breaker 15A 15A 15A
Power IEC 15A C14 inlet
(standard 48" cord included)
IEC 15A C14 inlet
(standard 48" cord included)
IEC 15A C14 inlet
(standard 48" cord included)


split doors - front view side view drawing of cabinet with door
Back View of a Cabinet with the CFM Split Doors Installed Side View of Cabinet with CFM Split Door
top view drawing of cabinet with door front and back of split door
Top View of Cabinet with Split Doors opened Front and Back of Split Door






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