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Floor Enclosures, Cabinets

RK Series Laminate Enclosures

RK Series Laminate Racks
Available in black, oak or maple finishes, these sleek furniture-grade enclosures are the perfect way to protect electronics in conference rooms and studios while maintaining a high level of style.

SR Series Pivoting Wallmount Enclosure

SR Series Pivoting Rack Enclosures
Equipped with a sturdy base for extra support and cable concealment, this wallmount enclosure pivots out for easy equipment access, and can be set up to open either to the left or right.

Middle Atlantic ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures

ERK Stand-Alone Enclosures
Ideal for multimedia and network installations, these versatile cabinets let you choose the size, doors, casters, rails, and cooling/ventilation options you need.


MRK Series Rack Enclosures
Introducing the MRK Series Rack Enclosures, possibly one of the most versatile in our entire line. When multiple racks need to be joined, or when open sides are required for easy access, this is the perfect enclosure to meet all those needs.

IDF application

Overhead IDF Intermediate Distribution Rack
The ready-to-install 19" IDF Intermediate Distribution Rack that will rack mount hubs, routers and other equipment overhead to uni-strut beams in warehouses, retail stores, and any other large open area locations (thread rods not included), is EIA/TIA compliant, UL listed, and cUL listed.

Slim 5 Series Rack

Slim 5 Series Rack Enclosure
Designed to create the ultimate in customizable racks and enclosures, the Slim 5 series features a full array of rack components and accessories in basic and designer finishes for the perfect network storage solution.

DRK Series Rack

DRK Series Cable Management Enclosures
Designed to provide integral high-density cable management with the option of seismic-rated protection, these extra-wide racks can be used as-is, or combined with floor anchor brackets in seismic-activity environments.

Open Frame Racks

RLA aluminum rack

RLA Series Aluminum Two-Post Open Frame Rack
Available from 45U – 51URack Space
Ideal for applications that call for tough racks and heavy weight capacity, these open racks ship flat, and are fast and easy to set up.

Middle Atlantic RL series open racks

RL Series Open Frame, 2-Post Rack
Designed with tapered feet and an optional cantilever base, this rack is able to stabilize itself on uneven floors even under heavy load, to eliminate dangerous leaning.

MK Series Cable Management Rack, MK-1945

MK Series 19" Cable Management Racks
Perfect for managing high-density patching applications, these racks are equipped with multiple integrated cable management features, and are available in both standard and seismic-certified models.

Middle Atlantic HRF Series Open Rack Frame

Middle Atlantic® HRF Series Open Frame Half Rack
This compact, low profile enclosure provides a unique option for mounting half-rack equipment. It's perfect for IT rooms, studios, and more.

Wall Mount Racks, Cabinets

DWR Sectional Wallmount Rack - Middle Atlantic

DWR Sectional Wall Mount Rack
Redesigned Sectional Wall Mount Rack with Enhanced Cable Management for Larger Systems. This cabinet is manufactured in multiple sizes. It’s time saving Tool Free Quick Mount system allows for one person to easily mount the center section to the backpan.

Zero Clearance Latch - Middle Atlantic

Zero Clearance Latch DWR Accessory
The new patent pending front mounted Zero Clearance Latch saves valuable wall space by allowing wall racks to be placed side by side, in a corner or wherever side clearance is an issue. This Easy to install option upgrades the DWR and SR series racks to allow the center section to lock closed without the need for side latches.

pivoting panel mount

PPM Pivoting Panel Mounts
Middle Atlantic's EIA/TIA 19 inch compliant Pivoting Panel Mounts are the perfect choice for wall mounting patch panels and network equipment. This unique swing down design allows easy front- and rear-panel access, thanks to swing-down rails that provide a more substantial alternative to U-mount hinged panel brackets.

Swing frame rack

SFR Swing Frame Rack
The Middle Atlantic SFR series wall rack is a great solution for maximizing usable wall space when mounting patch panels, routers, hubs, and switches in a secure or non-secure room or closet. These wall mounts are unique in the industry with an innovative open back design, which allows the wall mount swing frame rack to be mounted over existing equipment and other physical obstacles including conduit and telephone equipment.

SBX Series Wallmount Cabinets - Middle Atlantic

SBX Series Wall Mount Cabinets
This sturdy cabinet has a load capacity of 75 lbs for the 7U and 100 lbs for the 10U. With its two-piece construction, the removable backpan simplifies installation and provides easy access to equipment connections by preloading your equipment prior to installing to the wall.

EWR Series Wall Mount Racks - Middle Atlantic

EWR Series 19" Wall Mount Rack
The Middle Atlantic EWR pivoting wall cabinet is an economical choice for installing smaller systems, yet it is unparalleled in its quality for use in both secure and non secure environments. It is EIA/TIA certified with a patent pending for its Tool-Free Quick-Mount™ system for easy one person mounting of the center section to the back pan on the job site.

Middle Atlantic WRP/WRS Low Profile Wall Cabinet

WRP/WRS Series Low Profile Wall Cabinets
These wallmounts are designed to hold up to 150 lbs of vertically mounted 19" rack mount equipment while delivering all the same quality in performance as any standard wall mount enclosure. When space efficiency and aesthetics are important, the WRP/WRS Series is exactly what you need to perform the job correctly.

TOR Series Tilt Out Wall Rack

TOR Series Tilt Out Wall Rack
Designed to maximize space in tight areas while giving you easy access to housed equipment, this low-profile wall rack tilts out for installation, maintenance, and cable organization.


HDR-4 Horizontal Distribution Rack
Middle Atlantic Products’ HDR-4 is an EIA compliant 19" horizontal distribution rack that is ideal for any wall mount rack installation of patch panels and other network equipment. Made proudly in the USA, this rack has two distinct bays for installation of electronic components and an integral electric box for power distribution.

HPM Panel Mounts

Hinged Panel Mount
From for 1U Panel Mount
One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to mount network components, these hinged panel mounts swing out for easy access to connections.

Middle Atlantic HPM-4-915

Adjustable Depth Hinged Panel Mounts
Perfect for environments that require rack-mounted network equipment but have no room for full server enclosures, these wall-mount racks take up very little space, and give you easy access to equipment when maintenance is needed.

Data Center Wall Rack

CableSafe™ Data Wall Cabinet
Ideal for areas with limited floor space, this wall-mount cabinet provides enough room for several patch panels or structured wiring devices, and is available with a variety of features to customize it for your unique cable management, cooling and security needs.

vertical wall mount rack

Vertical Wall Mount Rack
Perfect for offices, studios and server rooms without much floor space to spare, these brackets allow you to vertically mount up to 4U equipment of any depth directly to the wall to maximize component storage in tight areas.

SWR Series Shallow Wall Rack - Middle Atlantic

SWR Series Shallow Wall Racks
Ideal for applications ranging from broadcast studios to houses of worship, these low-profile wall racks make it possible to mount patch panels, switches and other interconnects in spaces that are too small for full-sized enclosures.

Portable / Desktop Racks

portable rolling rack

PTRK Portable Rolling Racks
If your application calls for a rugged rack that allows for easy mobility, consider the Middle Atlantic PTRK Portable Rolling Rack. Smooth rolling 4" casters, advanced cable management and secure doors make this rack ideal for serving in a variety of situations.

SLIM 2 Series Sloped Desktop Racks

SLIM 2 Series Sloped Desktop Racks
Perfect for mounting electronics on your desktop or other work surfaces, these equipment racks are slanted for visibility and easy access, and have a stylish black wood grain finish that resists scratches and other workplace-induced damage.


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