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rackmount lockbox

Rackmount Lockboxes
Keep your frequently used gear and spare parts exactly where you need it; right where you’ll be working. No need to waste time scurrying to different locations to pick up essential gear and parts. It’s right there under lock and key. Each model has a useful depth of 9”.

time-lapse recorder lockbox

VLBX Time-Lapse Recorder Lockboxes
The Middle Atlantic VLBX Series Time-Lapse Recorder Lockboxes protect the evidence when high security is a priority and ease of equipment access is essential. If you need a lockbox specifically designed to protect a time-lapse recorder, then Middle Atlantic's VLBX Series Time-Lapse Recorder Lockbox is ideal.

DLBX lockbox

DLBX Digital Video Recorder Lockbox
The Middle Atlantic DLBX Series DVR Lockbox protects the evidence while ensuring components have the necessary thermal and cable management. Middle Atlantic's DLBX Video Lockbox is designed to house and protect DVR's and multiplexers anywhere a DVR is used for surveillance and monitoring. The versatile design of the DLBX lockbox allows for either active or passive thermal management to meet the specific cooling needs of the equipment installed.

Middle Atlantic Plexiglass Security Door

Hinged Plexiglass Security Doors
Designed to simultaneously leave rack mounted electronics visible while protecting them from unauthorized access, this keyed and hinged plexiglass security door mounts onto any standard 19” server rack.


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