Middle Atlantic RDR Series Residential Designer Racks

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RDR series, residential designer rack

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Middle Atlantic RDR Series Residential Designer Racks

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  • preconfigured Middle Atlantic RDR series rack, RDR-S6 - icon
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  • Middle Atlantic RDR-SH2 2U vented shelf - icon
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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these home theater racks?

  • Residential racks include trim and hidden casters to give your media room a stylish look
  • Racks have an 800 lb weight capacity, so all your components can be mounted in one convenient location
  • Deep and wide ventilated shelves enable an easier fit for larger home theater or stereo equipment
  • All pre-installed shelves can be easily moved for a custom fit
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The RDR Home Designer Rack Series by Middle Atlantic is an excellent example of how to make a low-budget home theater look expensive. These racks are designed with good looks in mind, and are sure to impress not only aesthetically, but also with their functionality. Able to withstand up to 800 lbs of equipment, the RDR series racks, will surely make your home theater one to envy.

  • 16, 24, and 35 RU sizes are available to accommodate your rack mount needs
  • Pre-configured models ship with power and cable management included for easy set up
  • Easy to unpack and load for a plug-n-play experience
  • Greenguard certified, RoHS compliant, and manufactured at ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA US flag


A Pre-Configured RDR includes:

  • Vented 4-point shelves
  • Vent panels
  • Vertical 15A filtered and surge protected power
  • Abundant cable management integrated into shelves, channels and base
  • Hidden casters
  • Trim strips


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Part # Rack Height Overall Useable Depth # of Shelves Weight Capacity Weight Price
Height Width Depth
MA-RDR-S3 28" (16 RU) 32-1/2" 24-5/8" 25" 17-15/16" 3 800 lb 110 lbs
MA-RDR-S4 42" (24 RU) 46-1/2" 24-5/8" 25" 17-15/16" 4 800 lb 130 lbs
MA-RDR-S6 61-1/4" (35 RU) 65-3/4" 24-5/8" 25" 17-15/16" 6 800 lb 160 lbs
MA-RDR-16-25BK 28" (16 RU) 32-1/2" 24-5/8" 25" 17-15/16" n/a 800 lb 84 lbs
MA-RDR-24-25BK 42" (24 RU) 46-1/2" 24-5/8" 25" 17-15/16" n/a 800 lb 110 lbs
MA-RDR-35-25BK 61-1/4" (35 RU) 65-3/4" 24-5/8" 25" 17-15/16" n/a 800 lb 125 lbs
Pre-Configured Residential Designer Rack
MA-RDR-S3 16U RDR Designer Rack with 3 Shelves 32-1/2" H x 24-5/8" W x 25" D 110 lbs
MA-RDR-S4 24U RDR Designer Rack with 4 Shelves 46-1/2" H x 24-5/8" W x 25" D 130 lbs
MA-RDR-S6 35U RDR Designer Rack with 6 Shelves 65-3/4" H x 24-5/8" W x 25" D 160 lbs
Unconfigured Residential Designer Rack
MA-RDR-16-25BK Unconfigured 16U RDR Designer Rack 32-1/2" H x 24-5/8" W x 25" D 84 lbs
MA-RDR-24-25BK Unconfigured 24U RDR Designer Rack 46-1/2" H x 24-5/8" W x 25" D 110 lbs
MA-RDR-35-25BK Unconfigured 35U RDR Designer Rack 65-3/4" H x 24-5/8" W x 25" D 125 lbs



MA-RDR-SH2 2U Vented Shelf for RDR Rack, 150 lb weight capacity 9.7 lbs
MA-RDR-S3-SPBK-BK Pair of Vented Rear Access Panels for RDR-S3 40 lbs
MA-RDR-S4-SPBK-BK Pair of Vented Rear Access Panels for RDR-S4 46 lbs
MA-RDR-S6-SPBK-BK Pair of Vented Rear Access Panels for RDR-S6 61 lbs
MA-DCFANKIT-4 Fan Kit (4 fans) for use with above Rear Access Panels 3.07 lbs

rackmount lightingHome Theater Rack Mount Lights
The LT-1R series rackmount light allows you to easily view your electronic components from both the front and rear. The retractable light shelf requires only one rack space, and features a dimmable LED bar that illuminates automatically when opened.

Power stripHigh Density Slim Power Strips
They are perfect for many applications where you want to maximize every outlet using a minimum amount of space for low voltage applications.


ASR series slide out shelvingASR Series Rotating Slide Out Shelving System
Ideal for smaller systems or when an open shelf system is desired, and the ability to customize shelf fronts is not required. Economical Solution combines the functionality of a professional racking system with the simplicity of adjustable shelves.

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SOHO RackCompact Series SOHO Server Rack
Designed with small businesses in mind, these compact locking enclosures provide security in small spaces, and have mesh doors and venting for maximum airflow.
Middle Atlantic panel packEB/ FEB Series Blank Panels - Middle Atlantic
Economical blank panels from Middle Atlantic Products offer both flat and flange styles that are EIA compliant to meet your meet your air flow/heat dissipation or aesthetic needs in all types of standard 19” panel or 23” panel wall mounts, floor enclosures, cabinets or racks. Available in a black powder coat finish. Lifetime warranty.
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