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Cleaning Sticks

Sticklers™ Fiber Connector CleanStixx™
MicroCare's Sticklers™ Cleaning Sticks are designed with a molded fibrous polymer tip instead of a cloth or foam based tip, which can leave behind lint or other fibers.

Clean Wipes

Sticklers™ Benchtop Clean Wipes
These wipes are engineered specifically for cleaning fiber optic connector end-faces and bare optic fibers before and after each splice, termination, and installation is done.

Optical Cleaner

Sticklers™ Precision Optical Cleaner
This high-purity solvent defuses static electricity to eliminate the attraction of dirt particles back on to the surface of the cleaning area. Dissolves fingerprints, light oils and surface films, and is delicate enough to be used on materials such as glass, optical lens, ceramic, metal, plastic, electronics and cured epoxy surfaces.

MicroCare Fiber Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
Developed to deliver a lint and residue-free clean for fiber optic connectors, these non-flammable fiber cleaning supplies are packaged for hassle-free shipping and job-to-job travel.

Fiber Preparation Fluid

FiberCare™ Fiber Preparation Fluid
MicroCare's Fiber Preparation Fluid is double-filtered for high-grade purity, giving you a more consistent and reliable clean every time. Excellent for dissolving and removing light oils, salts, moisture, fingerprints, dust, lint, fibers, grime, polishing media, flux residues and uncured epoxies from bare fibers.

Fiber Connector Cleaner

FiberCare™ Fiber Connector Cleaner II
MicroCare's Fiber Connector Cleaner II is formulated to flush dirt and built-up oils out of hard to reach places without using flammable or hazardous chemicals. Excellent for dissolving and removing light oils, salts, moisture, fingerprints, dust, lint, fibers, grime, polishing media, flux residues and uncured epoxies from delicate surfaces.

MicroCare Sticklers solvents, pumps, cleaning sticks and wipes have all been designed specifically for removing microscopic particles and trace oils from fiber optics. These fiber cleaning products bring excellent value and performance for the installation or maintenance of fiber optics in the field. MicroCare Sticklers optical-grade solvents are non-flammable. They evaporate quickly and completely, leaving behind no residue or haze. They are characterized by desirable physical properties that include density and low surface tension, as well as the viscosity necessary for superior cleaning solvents. They have excellent materials compatibility, are electrostatic dissipating, and highly stable for long shelf life. They combine excellent cleaning performance with zero ozone depletion potential, low VOC content, low global warming potential and low toxicity. The MicroCare Sticklers solvent dispensers are travel-safe, non-pressurized, hermetically sealed containers that are DOT classified as Not Hazardous and ready to transport. They provide enhanced levels of product stewardship by reducing worker exposures and eliminating solvent contamination, spills and waste. MicroCare solvents eliminate all the hassles associated with most existing optical cleaners.
Our optical grade cleaning sticks and wipes use proprietary materials and package methods developed by Sticklers to insure consistently high success rates when cleaning fiber optic components. Low cost, high quality, portable and easy to use. MicroCare Sticklers has taken the risk out of cleaning fiber optics.


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