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MicroCare, maker of Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaners, has been in the business of effective optical fiber preparation for over 30 years. They offer precision products that clean bare fibers, connectors, sleeves and more so that your fiber optic installs are free from contamination. In addition to removing dirt, oils and fingerprints, MicroCare products dissipate static to prevent fibers from becoming stuck to one another as well. These products are essential for preparing any fiber installation.


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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose FiberCare™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Products


When it's all said and done, optical fibers and fiber optic connectors are only as good as they are clean. Even when they're not visible to the naked eye, deposits of microscopic contaminants like dust and trace oils on fibers and connector end-faces can wreak havoc on signal transmission. That's why proper cleaning is one of the most important steps of a fiber optic network installation. Much to the benefit of the fiber optic world, MicroCare has made it their business to increase the safety, efficiency, and overall quality of optical fiber and connector cleaning by developing the FiberCare™ line of fiber optic cleaning products. Among the MicroCare products available at CableOrganizer.com are two ultra-pure, high-performance cleaning solvents: FiberCare™ Fiber Connector Cleaner, and FiberCare™ Fiber Preparation Fluid. Read on for the top 5 reasons why these FiberCare™ cleaning solvents are the smartest choice for fiber networks and installers alike.

1. No Isopropyl Alcohol

Generally speaking, isopropyl alcohol – used as a cleaning solvent – is highly effective at removing dirt, oils and other residue from non-porous materials. But when it comes to fiber optics, isopropyl alcohol isn't always the best choice for pre-connection cleaning. While it does a good job at removing signal-impeding contaminants, isopropyl alcohol (IPA) can actually draw water vapor out of the air and cause it to condense onto optical fibers and connector ends, which – ironically – can also block signal. FiberCare Fiber Preparation Fluid and Connector Cleaner are composed of solvents that, like isopropyl alcohol, effectively strip away dirt, salts, lint, trace oils, and other residues. But unlike IPA, these cleaners won't threaten your fiber terminations with the possibility of moisture attenuation – in fact, they actually remove moisture.

2. Environmentally Safe

Thanks to double filtration and their isopropyl alcohol-free formulas, Fiber Preparation Fluid and Fiber Connector Cleaner by MicroCare are the safest and healthiest options for both the environment and fiber optic technicians. These high-performance FiberCare products are non-toxic, nonflammable, non-corrosive, carry no potential for ozone depletion, and comply with RoHS and WEEE standards.

3. Travel-Friendly Packaging

Classified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as non-hazardous and ready-to-transport, MicroCare Fiber Connector Cleaner and Fiber Preparation Fluid are the perfect companions for fiber optic network technicians who find themselves having to travel by air to installation sites. Because they're packaged in the hermetically sealed, non-pressurized TravelSAFE™ Mini-Pumps that are exclusive to MicroCare products, these cleaning solvents present virtually no risk of leakage or spills, even during the pressure changes that occur aboard aircraft. The compact containers weigh in at only 3 ounces each, which means they're easy to pack, as well as compliant with the current TSA regulations for carry-on liquids.

4. Static Dissipation

Static electricity is notorious for causing dust and other particulate to cling stubbornly to fibers and connector end faces, which can make proper cleaning a frustrating – and even times unsuccessful – task. Fortunately, MicroCare's Fiber Connector Cleaner and Fiber Preparation Fluid remove both static and foreign particles from connectors and glass fibers; because they're formulated to be electrically conductive, both products dissipate static electricity, breaking the bonds between fiber optic components and the impurities deposited on them. As a result, installers are able to remove fiber optic contaminants with far greater efficiency, saving precious time and money.

5. Economical with Unlimited Shelf Life

In addition to their unparalleled cleaning performance, MicroCare Fiber Connector Cleaner and Fiber Preparation Fluid just make sense economically. With a cost of only pennies per cleaning, these products are an excellent value for high-volume termination jobs, as well as a safe investment for smaller installations that may leave you with leftover product. FiberCare™ products can always be used at a later date: because they're highly stable and have an unlimited shelf life, you'll never lose money because you had to throw away a FiberCare™ product that was past its prime.

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