MG Chemicals' Super Thermal Grease

Effectively Dissipates Heat Generated by Electronic Devices And Circuitry

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What's special about this grease?

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with heat sinks to effectively dissipate heat
  • Can withstand an operating temperature up to 302° F for high heat circuits
  • Gives super high thermal conductivity to eliminate issues with capacitance
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RoHS Compliant

Using super thermal grease will assist the heat sink and provide superior heat dissipating ability to keep your circuitry cool and safe. MG Chemicals Super Thermal Grease is sure to keep your processor at a safe temperature and help your system perform at optimal speeds.

MGC-8615 Super Thermal Grease - syringe, paste 0.12 oz (3.5g) LIMITED QUANTITIES

  • Thermal conductivity 3.0w/(m·K) to prevent overheating issues
  • Contains no silicon or metal particles to prevent shorts
  • Pigmented with Boron Nitride particles, so it’s easy to see and apply
  • Made of paraffin oil to be highly viscous
  • RoHS compliant


Physical Properties
  Test Method  
Phase   Highly viscious
Base   Blend of Synthetic Fluids
Odor   Odorless
Color   White
Specific Gravity   1.2 g/L
Flash point   165° C
Auto Iginition Temp.   > 315° C
Solubility in Water   Insoluble
VOC   Zero
Vapor Density   > 5 (Air = 1)
RoHS compliant   Yes
Corrosiveness   Non-Corrosive
Thermal Properties
  Thermal Conductivity ASTM D5470 in W/mK
50° C   2.97
100° C   2.98
150° C   3.00
  Thermal Limits    
Peak   (-40° C – 175° C)
Long Term   (-15° C – 150° C)
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength
(Tested at 1 MHz @ ambient condition)
ASTM D150 170 Volts/mil
Dielectric Constant
(Tested at 1 MHz)
ASTM D150 4.2
Dissipation Factor
(Tested at 1 MHz)
ASTM D150 0.001
Volume Resistivity
(Tested at ambient condition)
ASTM D257 1.2 x 1012
How to Apply Super Thermal Grease
super thermal grease application - step 1 super thermal grease application - step 2 super thermal grease application - step 3 super thermal grease application - step 4 super thermal grease application - step 5

Step 1

Ensure the surface of processor and heat sink is free of small particles and debris, then steadily hold applicator approximately ¼” above the application surface.

Step 2

Gently press stopper to slowly dispense thermal grease onto the center of processor.

Step 3

Dispense around 1ml to 1-1/2ml of thermal grease (amount varies per application).

Step 4

Use a credit card or semi-rigid material to evenly spread grease across surface.

Step 5

Ensure surface is covered in a thin, consistent layer of thermal grease; then proceed to install heat sink or CPU cooling device carefully.






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