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MG Chemicals Leaded Solder

Leaded Solder
Available with 37 or 40% lead, this solder melts at lower temperatures than non-leaded varieties, and delivers rapid, high-viscosity wetting that creates fast and effective solder joints on circuit boards, crafts and jewelry.

lead-free solder with silver

Lead-Free Solder with Silver
Perfect for plumbing, jewelry-making, circuit boards and other projects where you don't want to use lead, this RoHS-compliant lead-free solder has a no-clean flux core for easy cleanup, and contains silver for improved conductivity.

Fine Braid & No Clean Super Wick - MG Chemicals

Fine Braid and No Clean Super Wick
Perfect for plumbers, jewelers or electronics manufacturers, this static-free clean copper braid wicks away melted solder during desoldering to leave behind a clean project surface that ready for reworking.

lead-free solder, MGC-4901-112G

Lead-Free Solder
Perfect for electronics pros or hobbyists who want reliable solder joints without the health risks of traditional tin/lead solder, this lead-free alternative emits no lead vapors, and features a no-clean flux core.


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