MGC-4050A MG Chemicals Safety Wash II Cleaner Degreaser

Keeps Your Connectors, Tools, Work Benches and More Clean

Low Price Guarantee

What's special about this cleaner?

  • Removes dirt, soil, flux, oil, ink, grease, and organic residue from a wide variety or materials around your work site
  • Easily cleans your pc boards, tools, workbenches, connectors, relays and semi-conductors with just a spray so you save time
  • RoHS CompliantComes in an easy to carry aerosol can that dispenses conveniently when you need it
  • Low toxicity cleaner and degreaser is safe on plastics and won't damage most surfaces
  • One year manufacturer warranty
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MGC-4050A MG Chemicals Safety Wash II Cleaner Degreaser is a highly flammable, low toxicity wash which is an excellent choice if you need to remove oil, grease, dirt, smoke, solder flux f rom office and medical equipment, connectors, workbenches, relays, just about anything.


MGC-4050A-450G MG Chemicals Safety Wash II Cleaner Degreaser 1.4 lbs
MGC-853 MG Chemicals Large Hog Hair Cleaning Brush 0.5 lb
  • Formulation of isohexane, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol and ethyl acetate
  • Aggressive cleaner is an excellent addition to any tool kit
  • For best results, use with the 852 and 853 hog hair brushes

*Flammable, so this should not be used on live circuits

Size : 16 oz can
Weight : 1.4 lbs
Toxicity : Low
Flammable : Yes
Plastic Safe : Yes
Conductive : Yes
Dry Time : Medium
Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State : Aerosol
Odor : Ethereal
Solubility : Miscible
Evaporation Rate : 1.5 (Ether = 1)
Specific Gravity : 0.85
Vapor Pressure : 48 PSI @ 21°C
Vapor Density : 1.6 (Air = 1)
pH : 7
Stability and Reactivity
Stability : Stable at normal temperatures and pressures
Conditions to Avoid : Temperatures over 40°C, ignition sources, and incompatible substances
Incompatibilities : Alkali and alkaline earth metals; powdered aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and beryllium; acids,
acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, and oxidants (such as
bromine, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide)
Polymerization : Will not occur
Decomposition : Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, acrid smoke, halogens, halogen acids, possibly carbonyl halides
Exposure Controls :
Routes of Entry : Eyes, ingestion, inhalation, and skin
Ventilation : Use adequate general or local exhaust ventilation to keep airborne concentrations below exposure
Personal Protection : Wear appropriate protective eyeglasses or chemical safety goggles. Wear appropriate protective
clothing to prevent skin contact. Use a NIOSH approved respirator when necessary
Fire Fighting Measures
Flash Point : -29°C
LEL / UEL : 3 / 13
General Information : Will burn if involved in a fire. Containers may explode in the heat of a fire. Highly
flammable vapors are heavier than air and may accumulate in low areas. Flash back
along vapor trail is possible
Hazards Identification
WHMIS Codes : A, B5, D2B
NFPA Ratings : Health 1, Flammability 3, Reactivity 0
HMIS Ratings : Health 1, Flammability 4, Reactivity 0
Eyes : May cause eye irritation, characterized by a burning sensation, redness, tearing,
inflammation, and possible corneal injury
Skin : May cause skin irritation with pain and stinging, especially if skin is abraded
Inhalation : May cause respiratory tract irritation. Inhalation of high concentrations may cause
central nervous system effects characterized by headache, dizziness, and
Ingestion : Harmful if swallowed. May cause gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting, and
diarrhea. May cause central nervous system depression
Chronic : Long term intensive exposure may cause liver or kidney damage




MGC-824 Isopropyl AlcoholMGC-824 Isopropyl Alcohol
MGC-824 series of isopropyl alcohol products range in size from individual packet to one gallon container. The alcohol is ideal as a general all-purpose cleaner and is safe on plastics, PC Boards, connectors and contacts, fiber optics, semi-conductors, tape heads, office & medical equipment, and relays. In addition, the product meets Military Specification TT-I-735.
MGC-409 Electrosolve Contact CleanerMGC-409 Electrosolve Contact Cleaner
MG Chemical’s MGC-409B Electrosolve Contact Cleaner is a powerful and effective cleaning tool that rapidly penetrates and dissolves many types of soil. This is the perfect cleaner when zero residue contact is required for clear connections. This product is flammable and so caution must be used.
MGC-403A Super Cold 134AMGC-403A Super Cold 134A
MGC-403A Super Cold 134A Spray is made for finding thermal or “hot” intermittent faults on your electronic components, PCB cracks, and cold solder joints. In addition, the frigid air protects heat-sensitive components during soldering. As an added benefit, the spray will freeze gum, glues and adhesives so that you can remove it effortlessly.
MGC-422 and MGC-422A Silicone Conformal SprayMGC-422 and MGC-422A Silicone Conformal Spray
MG Chemical’s MGC-422 and MGC-422A Silicone Conformal Coating provides a clear tough protective coating designed to protect your circuit boards and electrical components. This product comes in handy pen size all the up to 4L drum size, to suite small to large applications.
MG Chemicals  Super Wash Cleaner/ DegreaserMG Chemicals Super Wash Cleaner / Degreaser
MGC-406B Super Wash Cleaner / Degreaser is an excellent choice for removing the residue from flux cleaner as well as the flux itself that may still be left behind on the printed circuit board. Super Wash is available in aerosol form and is dries very quickly, so your board is ready for use almost immediately after rinsing.
G3 cleaner, degreaserNTE® Techspray® G3 Blue Shower Cleaner & Degreaser
Ideal for use with engines, machinery and electrical equipment, this degreaser works fast to remove oils and contaminants from metal and most plastics with little to no scrubbing on your part.

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