MG Chemicals No-Clean Leaded Solder

No Need for Harsh Chemical Washes or Wicks

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What's special about no-clean solder?

  • Special formula leaves virtually no residue to clean up saving production time
  • Wets and spreads like normal RA type flux but does not splatter, leaving a clean circuit board
  • Available in spools or handy pocket packs which are a perfect size for jewelers, hobbyists, or students*
  • Meets J-STD-004 and QQ-S-571 for purity and safety
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This solder will cut down on the time you need for cleaning your applications due to splatter from flux. Its special formulation will cut down the time spent cleaning, and won't expose you to harsh cleaning chemical agents.


MGC-4860-18G 63% tin 37% lead, 22AWG, 0.032" diameter Pocket Pack of 25 0.6oz (18g)
MGC-4865-227G 63% tin 37% lead, 22AWG, 0.032" diameter Spool 0.5 lb (227g)
MGC-4865-454G 63% tin 37% lead, 22AWG, 0.032" diameter Spool 1.0 lb (454g)
MGC-4870-18G 60% tin 40% lead, 22AWG, 0.032" diameter Pocket Pack of 25 0.6oz (18g)
MGC-4875-227G 60% tin 40% lead, 22AWG, 0.032" diameter Spool 0.5 lb (227g)
MGC-4875-454G 60% tin 40% lead, 22AWG, 0.032" diameter Spool 1.0 lb (454g)


*  Due to the lead content, this is not suitable for plumbing or any other job that might come in contact with the environment or ingestion

  • Meets J-STD-004 AND QQ-S-571 for quality and purity
  • Standard flux core percentage at 2.2%
  • Melting point 183°C / 361°F for fast melting
  • 22 AWG core for even faster soldering
  • Comes in easy to use sticks, 25 in a pack, so you are ready to go right out of the box








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