Metal DIN Rails

High Quality Made Mounting Solution for Electrical and Control Equipment

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What's special about these metal mounting rails?

  • Comprehensive line of metal "Hat" shaped DIN rails available in various configurations to meet a wide range of mounting requirements and equipment design specifications
  • Available in 1 or 2 meter lengths, so they're ideal for larger applications, but can be cut down to accommodate smaller projects
  • Made of either lightweight aluminum or a zinc-galvanized strong metal alloy, to provide a long-lasting and reliable mounting platform
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RoHS Compliant

DIN mounting rails provide installers with a convenient and affordable mounting solution for a wide range of products. Whether you're trying to install a wire duct, circuit breaker or some electrical components, this line of quality metal DIN Rails allows you to choose the ideal location in which to mount equipment without having to worry about bulky housings or cabinet space restrictions.


IBC-OMEGA-3AF Metal DIN Rail with Holes 35 mm Wide x 15 mm High 6' 6.75" [2m]
IBC-OMEGA-3FAL1 Aluminum DIN Rail with Holes 35 mm Wide x 10 mm High 3' 3.38" [1m]
  • Available in multiple heights to accommodate a wide range of standardized equipment, with additional "G" shaped or solid DIN rails available for special order; please call our customer service toll free at 1-866-222-0030 for special order DIN rails
  • Designed to meet most industry standards for mounting wire management products, circuit breakers, control equipment, and hospital-grade modules
  • Prefabricated rails with eyeholes mount easily on back boards, and inside enclosures and electrical cabinets
  • Rugged and reliable construction: made from quality steel or aluminum with a minimum thickness of 6 microns
  • EN 60715 compliant
  • RoHS complaint


Dimensional Drawings OMEGA-3AF Drawing (PDF)PDF OMEGA-3FAL1 Drawing (PDF)PDF
Top Width 35mm 1.38" 35mm 1.38"
Bottom Width 27mm 1.06" 31.2mm 1.23"
Height 15mm 0.59" 10mm 0.39"
Length 2m 6' 6.75" 1m 3' 3.38"
Hole Width 6.3mm 0.25" 6.3mm 0.25"
Hole Length 18mm 0.71" 18mm 0.71"
Weight 2.8 lbs 0.45 lb
Compliance RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant





DIN rail cutter, TS3CUTDIN Rail Cutter
Designed for use with “top-hat” style DIN rails, this manual cutter creates clean, accurate lengths of aluminum, zinc or steel DIN rail with no need for electrical power, marking or deburring.
Narrow Slot Wiring DuctNarrow Slot Wiring Duct
Ideal for use with slimmer terminal blocks where more access is required. Improves appearance of panels with cables out in best position. Comes in 20 sizes in a choice of gray, white or black.
PANDUCTPanduit Panduct® Type H - Hinged Cover Wide Slot Wiring Duct
From for case of 20 ducts
Ideal for environments where frequent maintenance or wiring modifications are made. The dual hinge design allows you to quickly and easily access cables or wires in control panels and communication closets.

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