Metal CableShield Floor Cord Cover

Sturdy Metal Cable Protection

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What's special about this metal cord cover?

  • Protects your cables and cords on the floor from foot traffic, office chairs, and warehouse traffic
  • Larger units are equipped with a separator that provides additional support for the cover, and helps you to keep power and data cables separate
  • Composed of 2 pieces, a base and cover so cables can be installed or removed without having to disconnect the ends, or feed large connectors through the channel
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The metal cable shield provides you with nearly crush-proof protection for your cords, cables and hoses. The low-profile design & sturdy Aluminum Alloy 6063 construction come together to create a cord protector that can be used in a wide variety of environments from offices to warehouses.


Please Note: Due to the manufacturing process and material, the covers may not be smooth and have scratches and/or dents

ED-CSX-MET-1 1 59" 1.09" 0.3" 0.4375" 300 lbs
Currently Backordered
ED-CSX-MET-3 2 59" 1.81" 0.4375" 1.125" 300 lbs
ED-CSX-MET-4 2 59" 2.25" 0.5625" 1.5" 300 lbs
ED-CSX-MET-5 2 59" 3" 0.7" 2.16" 300 lbs
ED-CSX-MET-8 2 59" 4.44" 1" 3.25" 400 lbs Temp. Out of Stock
  • Low profile design allows chairs, carts, and strollers to roll over cables
  • Available in 5 sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications
  • Can be cut down to shorter lengths using a Sawzall® or similar cutting tool
  • Lightweight for easy handling and installation
  • Can be used for both permanent or temporary applications
  • Compact size makes storage and transport easy
  • Perfect 59" length for full coverage across doorways or hallways


PART # Number of Channels Overall Dimensions Channel Dimensions Load Capacity PRICE
Length Width Channel Width Channel Height
ED-CSX-MET-1 1 59" 1.09" 0.4375" 0.3" 300 lbs
Currently Backordered
ED-CSX-MET-3 2 59" 1.81" 1.125" 0.4375" 300 lbs
ED-CSX-MET-4 2 59" 2.25" 1.5" 0.5625" 300 lbs
ED-CSX-MET-5 2 59" 3" 2.16" 0.7" 300 lbs
ED-CSX-MET-8 2 59" 4.44" 3.25" 1" 400 lbs Temp. Out of Stock

No Manuals Available.





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Q:How the pieces fit together

I might be able to use this product (Part #ED-CSX-MET-3) in a project, but I need to know how the top fits onto the bottom. Does it have to be slid into place, or can it be installed in a top down fashion? What keeps the cover in place once installed? Thanks

Asked by Chris T. on


  • - Thank you for your question. These tops slide onto the bottom, they cannot be "popped" into place and this system is also what keeps them in place once installed.

    Fernando M. on

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