LSDI Compact Portasol Soldering Kit

Complete and Portable Soldering Kit

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What's special about this soldering kit?

  • Includes two different sized tips for precision wire soldering with or without flux
  • Adjustable intensity allows you to control the right amount of heat (10 to 60 watts)
  • Uses easy to replace flints, tips, and fuel supplies so you can cut costs by replacing only what you need
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LSDI’s complete Portasol soldering kit provides a convenient soldering solution that ensures proper signal integrity in wire connectors and other electrical applications. This soldering iron from Portasol uses an efficient butane-fueled catalytic heating system that concentrates the heat at the soldering tip for effective and accurate soldering.


* NOTE: Because the butane canisters are under pressure, they are not allowed to ship via any air transportation.
Can only be shipped in the continental US and Canada.

Soldering Kits
LSDI-PSK1 Portasol Complete Soldering Kit*
Includes: 7" butane solder wand w/ replacement flints; 2.4mm tip; 4.8mm tip; 3oz canister of ultra pure premium Zippo butane; 1oz of 60/40 solder; convenient storage case w/ belt loo
can ONLY ship UPS ground whithin the 48 contiguous states
0.54 lb
LSDI-PSK2 Portasol Complete Soldering Kit (w/out Butane) - ships anywhere 0.36 lb
Accessories and Replacement Parts
LSDI-PSB 1.9 oz Zippo Butane Refill* 0.17 lb
LSDI-PST3 1.2mm (1/32") Fine Tip 0.03 lb
LSDI-PST1 2.4mm (3/32") Standard Tip 0.03 lb
LSDI-PST2 4.8mm (3/16") Long Tip 0.03 lb
LSDI-PS0 Portasol Solder Iron 0.14 lb
LSDI-PSSR 1 oz. 60/40 Solder Roll 0.08 lb
  • Built-in igniter for quick ignition allows you to start soldering almost immediately
  • No complicated electrical interface or annoying wires to deal with
  • Compact for easy storage in tool boxes or tool bags
  • Bright orange housing allows you to easily locate and avoid contact with the tip
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty


Property Value
Soldering Device 7" butane wand with replacement flints
Canister 3oz refillable
Tips 2.4mm tip (standard) and 4.8mm tip (longer)
Solder Type 60/40 solder - 1oz
Heat Settings Adjustable (10 to 60 watts)






lead-free solder with silverLead-Free Solder with Silver - MG Chemicals
Perfect for plumbing, jewelry-making, circuit boards and other projects where you don’t want to use lead, this RoHS-compliant lead-free solder has a no-clean flux core for easy cleanup, and contains silver for improved conductivity.
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