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Fiberglass Push Rods
LSDI’s economical line of FiberFuse™ fiberglass rod pushers come in a fluorescent green color that is great at reflecting light shined onto them, so the installer can easily spot and navigate.


Metal Tip Fiberglass Push/Pull Rods
LSDI’s economical line of metal tip fiberglass push/pull rods come in a fluorescent green or luminous ( glow in the dark), so the installer can easily spot and navigate wires.


EZ-Cut™ Template and Level
LSDI EZ-CUT™ Template and Level is designed to meet the demands for accuracy and efficiency of today’s professional installers.


Wet Noodle™
LSDI developed the ball chain and retriever concept to save time and reduce the frustration that can come along with retrofitted wire installation jobs.


DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder
A collapsible wire & cable reel/spool holder that can be quickly assembled or disassembled for use and storage both on and off the jobsite. The DeCoil-Zit™ is available in two sizes to support 20” and 25” reels up to 300 lbs.

Compact Portasol Solder Kit

Compact Portasol Soldering Kit
A convenient soldering solution that ensures proper signal integrity in wire connectors and other electrical applications. Uses an efficient butane-fueled catalytic heating system that concentrates the heat at the soldering tip for effective and accurate soldering.

LSDI Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

Grabbit™ Fiberglass Telescoping Poles
LSDI Grabbit™ series of telescoping poles are made from lightweight, non-conductive, shockproof fiberglass. Both Grabbit™ models use friction locking joints to keep the pole at your desired length, and utilize LSDI’s patented Z-tip for the easy grabbing or pushing of wires.


Creep-Zit™ Pro 36' Kit
The Creep-Zit™ line of push/pull rods are sought after by professional installers because of their superior rod strength, flexibility and durability.



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