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FastLane™ Drop Over
With heavy duty L-shaped connectors and a high-traction surface tread, the FastLane™ floor cord cover protects cables in areas with high pedestrian traffic (like malls and special events) while preventing trip-and-fall accidents.

Guard Dog Floor Cord Protector

3 Channel Drop Over Cable Protector with Dog-Bone Connectors
Thanks to a patented 5-bar tread surface and molded-in safety symbols, the lightweight but rugged Guard Dog® drop-over provides a safe crossing over cables and hoses for pedestrians, as well as vehicle traffic up to 21,000 lbs per axle.

single channel low profile guard dog

Guard Dog® Single Channel Low Profile Cable Protectors
Able to withstand vehicle runover loads of 72,000 lbs per axle, these ADA-compliant cord protectors help both pedestrians and the wheelchair-bound safely cross over cables and hoses without slipping, tripping, or causing damage.

low profile two channel guard dog

Guard Dog® 2 Channel Low Profile Cable Protectors
Designed specifically to ADA standards, these low-profile cord covers provide safe, high-traction crossing points for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike, over ground-level cables and hoses.

Guard Dog 3 Channel Low Profile and ADA Compliant Cable Protectors

Guard Dog® 3 Channel Low Profile Standard and ADA Compliant Cable Protectors
These low-profile cord covers not only provide cables and hoses with heavy duty protection from pedestrians and vehicles, but also give you the option to provide ADA-compliant crossing points for wheelchairs, pedestrians and vendor carts.

Guard Dog 5 Channel Low Profile Cord Protectors

Guard Dog® 5 Channel Low Profile Protectors
Specially designed to be the lowest-profile multi-channel cable protector on the market, this heavy duty polyurethane cover protects cables and hose while providing safe, ADA-compliant crossing points for pedestrians, wheelchairs and vehicles.

linebacker single channel protector

Linebacker® GP-1 Cord Protector
UV-stabilized polyurethane cover protects cables and hoses up to 1-1/4" in diameter from pedestrian and vehicle traffic (21,000 lbs per axle) at construction sites, special events, factories and warehouses. Available with ADA ramps and connectors.

Linebacker GP 5 channel

Linebacker® 5 General Purpose Cord Cover
Protects cables and hoses from pedestrians and heavy-duty vehicle traffic at movie sets, amusement parks, racetracks, auditoriums, convention centers and construction sites. 36" modular sections are lightweight for easy setup and transport.

Guard Do  Heavy Duty Cord Protector

Guard Dog® Heavy Duty Cord Protector
Safeguard cables and hoses at fairs, conventions and trade shows with heavy-duty polyurethane Guard Dog® cable protectors. Guard Dog® features a patented 5-bar tread to prevent slipping, and is available with ADA ramps for wheelchair access.

Linebacker Cord Cover

Linebacker® Heavy Duty 2, 3, 4 and 5 Channel Cord Cover
Capable of withstanding 40,300 lbs per axle, the Linebacker® protects hoses and cables against traffic at festivals, conventions, and construction sites. Despite their ruggedness, these cable protectors are lightweight and easy to setup and transport.

cross-link protector bridge

Cross-Link Protector Bridge
Bridge gaps between cable protectors to create a continuous pedestrian-safe crossing surface with Cross-Link Protector Bridge - it not only joins parallel cord cover runs, but also transforms the space between them into two additional cable channels.

ada compliant cord cover ramps

Linebacker® ADA Compliant Ramps
Check out our ADA compliant ramps and rails that work in conjunction with Linebacker® Heavy Duty Cord Cover, Linebacker® General Purpose Cord Cover, Guard Dog™ Heavy Duty Cord Protector. The gentle slope and slip resistant ramps provide a safe crossing point for wheelchairs, carts and vehicles with small wheels such as strollers. These ramps are expandable.

Modular Hose Bridge Systems

Single Tunnel Hose Bridge Systems
Drive right over hose lines ranging from 3" to 6-1/2" in diameter with this impact, abrasion and weather-resistant modular hose bridge system. High-density polyurethane ramps allow the damage-free crossing of even the largest vehicles.

Cable and Hose Bridge System

Multiple Channel Module Cable Hose Bridge Systems
Ideal for fire departments, municipalities and construction sites, these heavy duty cable and hose bridges allow large vehicles to easily pass over cables, hoses and pipe without causing damage.

Guard Dog, Yellow Jacket ADA compliant cord protectors

Guard Dog® & Yellow Jacket® ADA Compliant Cord Covers
Perfect for applications where only short runs of ADA-compliant cable protection are needed, these 18" heavy duty cable protectors are easy to handle and store, and mix seamlessly with other Guard Dog® and Yellow Jacket® cord covers.

Modular Crossover Industrial Cable Protector

Checkers® Modular Extreme Crossover Cable Cover
These heavy industrial cable & hose protectors provide a rare combination of convenience and effectiveness. Connect as many as you need to get the job done, then break them down for easy transport and storage at the end of the day.

360 visibility solar barricade light

Solar Powered Barricade Lights
Charge these solar barricade lights for an hour and expect up to two weeks of bright flashing for uncompromised safety.



Cable Protector Accessory

cord protector transport cartRampRunner Cord Protector Transport Carts
The RampRunner Transport Carts allow you to install or move your cord covers in minutes. These precision carts keep your cable protectors from shifting when they are being transported, preventing injury to workers or persons standing nearby.


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