Leviton Split 50-pair M Block

50 Cross-Connects on Just One M block

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What's special about this M Block?

  • Compact design for limited space applications, such as a IT closets
  • Conveniently mounts on a wall or backboard for easy access to the wires
  • Route cable bundles next to the wiring base for a clean, neat look
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The Split M Block provides 50 fixed cross connections for voice, security and data applications.


LE-40066-M50 Split M Block: 50-pair (66M1-50) 10" H x 3-5/16" W x 1-3/16" D
  • Made of high-impact, fire-retardant plastic for safety
  • The Split M block contains 50 rows of clips, but instead of having one 4-slot clip as the 25 pair M Block does, each row contains two separate 2-slot clips
  • Terminate solid insulated cable or solid stripped cable for you convenience
  • To make or eliminate connections even more quickly, (LE-40067-0BC) bridging clips can be used to connect the two adjacent sets of clips together
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How to Install a 66 Connecting Block
How to install a 110 Block


Snap-On Cover for M Blocks
Snap-On Cover for M Blocks
Made of transparent plastic, it easily permits the viewing of wiring and pair assignments without removal.
Bridging Clips
Bridging Clips
Price per pack
Bridging clips press onto the two center slots in any row of a Split M block. If outside cable pairs are terminated on the left-hand clips and station equipment wire is terminated on the right-hand clips, then connections can quickly be made or eliminated by simply inserting or removing the bridging clips.
Modular Adapters
Modular Adapters
Modular adapters plug into M blocks to convert 66-clip contacts to a modular jack for quick connection of equipment.
Wire Distribution Spool
Leviton Wire Distribution Spools
From each
Facilitate routing and fanning of cable, cross-connections, and jumper wires to any connection apparatus. Mount conveniently on backboard of distribution frame.
M Block, 25-Pair
M Block: 25-Pair
This 66 Connecting Block enables you to quickly interconnect phone lines and communication cable. Simply place the unstripped wire on the 66 Connecting Block clip and press down with a punch down tool (sold separately). The tool automatically puts wire in place and trims off any excess.
Leviton M Block with Female & Male Connectors
M Block with Female & Male Connectors

The 50-pair M block contains prewired, pretested 25-pair female connector on left and male connector on the right for the quickest installation.
Easily plug in the connectors and insert bridging clips to complete the connections.

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