Leviton 8" Versi-Duct® Cable Management System

High-Capacity Wire Duct Developed for Use in Large-Scale Cable Installations

Leviton Versi-Duct cabling duct

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Leviton 8" Versi-Duct® Cable Management System

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cULus and Made in USA

Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this rackmount cable duct?

  • High-density 8" wide cable channel is designed for maximum holding capacity, and provides a simplified solution for vertically routing patch cords and fiber optic cables within your enclosure or between racks
  • Available as a single duct, or in a front/rear duct configuration comprised of two 40" long sections that can accommodate both 22 RU and 44 RU standard equipment racks
  • Hinged cover provides convenient access to cables, and comes in two colors for matching or complementing preexisting hardware and/or components
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Leviton’s Versi-Duct® Vertical Cable Management System utilizes a spacious 8" channel developed and optimized specifically for high-density cable routing and deployment. This rackmount wire duct's innovative design offers user-friendly installation, enhanced aesthetics, and a smoother transition between horizontal cable managers and patch panels.

  • Versatile design accommodates top, bottom, side and pass-through cable routing
  • Large pass-through fingers align with standard rack unit spacing (RU) for easy cable routing to patch panels, switches, splice trays, or other rackmount equipment
  • Channels are made from durable ABS plastic to provide years of quality use in demanding environments
  • Injection molded to eliminate sharp edges, which can compromise cable integrity and system performance
  • Vertical slack loop cable organizer helps maintain proper bend radius and can accommodate 60 lbs. of cable
  • Vertical cable retainers mount on the channel fingers to help secure and organize bundled cable
  • Vertical mounting brackets allow duct to be center-mounted between two racks
  • cULus listed
  • TIA/EIA-568-B compliant
  • Meets FCC part 68
  • Made in the USA  USA


Feature Channel Depth Area CAT 6A Capacity CAT 6 Capacity CAT 5e Capacity
(WxD) (in²) (0.354" Cable) (0.250" Cable) (0.180" Cable)
8" channel size (per side): 8" x 8" 60 192 384 738
Finger Spacing: 5.5" x 1" 5.5 24 60 114
Large Passthrough: 4.8" x 2.6" 12.7 72 120 258
Small Passthrough: 2.6" x 2.6" 6.8 36 72 138
Physical Specifications
Dimensions: 81.5" Long x 8.5" Wide x 8.75" Deep
Materials (channel): ABS rated for UL-94 HB
Materials (cover): PVC rated for UL-94 V-0


Part # LE-89265-WR1 LE-89265-BKT LE-89265-SL1
Description Cable Retainer Mounting Bracket Slack Loop Organizer
Height 1.60" 2.10" 6.80"
Width 1.00" 1.75" 4.30"
Length 5.00" 4.20" 7.00"
Dimensional Drawing (click to view) jpg file jpg file jpg file
LE-8980L-VFO Vertical 80" Versi-Duct®, Single Duct, Front Only 81.5" H x 8.5" W x 8.75" D Black 15 lbs
LE-8C80L-VFO Vertical 80" Versi-Duct®, SIngle Duct, Front Only 81.5" H x 8.5" W x 8.75" D Designer Gray 15 lbs
LE-8980L-VFR Vertical 80" Versi-Duct®, Front and Rear Ducts 81.5" H x 8.5" W x 17.5" D Black 28 lbs
LE-8C80L-VFR Vertical 80" Versi-Duct®, Front and Rear Ducts 81.5" H x 8.5" W x 17.5" D Designer Gray 28 lbs



LE-89265-BKT Versi-Duct® Vertical Center Mounting Brackets 6 6 lbs
LE-89265-SL1 Versi-Duct® Vertical Slack Loop Organizers 2 5 lbs
LE-89265-WR1 Versi-Duct® Vertical Cable Retainers 10 2 lbs

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