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Structured Media Enclosure

Structured Media® Enclosures
Leviton’s Structured Media® enclosures (SMC) simplify running cable and managing media equipment, and provide a more cost-effective means to protecting your Datacom/Telecom network. Designed to be a central distribution point for all your home or small office systems, the enclosure accommodates networking, fax, Internet, DSL and cable.

Leviton 47611-GT4

10/100 Mbps 4-Port Internet Gateway
Allows you to network up to four devices directly using a single shared high-speed DSL, Cable, or Satellite connection. Large network compatible: able to connect up to 253 computers using a series of cascaded switches and a single high-speed internet connection.

pre-configured media panels, 47603

Pre-Configured Structured Media® Panels
Leviton pre-configured media panels are the perfect solution for meeting the demands of today’s home networking and television industries. These structured media panels combine several of today’s latest technologies into one upgradeable and easy to install panel that can be used by itself or combined with other panels to increase your home's communication and multimedia capabilities.

LE47603-C5 and LE-47603-110

Structured Media® Center Expansion Boards and Modules
Leviton expansion boards and modules for Structured Media Centers offer the perfect solution for networking your home or small office voice and data equipment. These small, versatile boards give the user countless possibilities for upgrading and expanding future systems when it inevitably becomes time to update your equipment.

duplex receptacles, 47605-ACS

Duplex Power Receptacles for Structured Media Enclosures
Leviton Hospital grade and standard power receptacles are a convenient, must-have upgrade to any Structured Media Enclosure. Installs easily and saves your expensive real estate, by eliminating the need for adding an additional cutout for receptacle installation.

video splitter for media enclosures, 47690-6c2

Passive 6-Way Video Splitter Module for Structured Media Enclosures
The Leviton whole-home passive video splitter is an excellent way to distribute quality cable TV and off-air antenna signals to up to 6 televisions throughout your household. Capable and versatile design allows this unit to be used as a stand-alone, or to be combined with Leviton’s large line of Structured Media centers and distribution equipment for a complete home communication and multimedia solution.


Leviton Compact Series: Telephone and Video Panels
Leviton's line of compact telephone and video combination panels are the perfect solution for joining two separate functions into a single space saving unit. Designed to be used by itself or with Leviton's large line of pre-configured panels and expansion modules, for a complete home communications and multimedia experience.



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