VertiGO™, QuickPort®, GigaMax™ Patch Panels


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leviton gigamax universal patch panels

GigaMax™ 5e Universal Patch Panels and U89 Patch Block - Leviton
These high performance, user-friendly Cat5e patch panel systems contain both 568A and B configurations for 110-style IDC terminations.

leviton shielded patch panels

Leviton Shielded Patch Panel
Use this shielded patch panel in conjunction with shielded connectors and patch cords to protect critical data from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

extreme6 universal patch panels

eXtreme® 6+ Universal Patch Panels - Leviton
Bringing you quality performance at an economical price, these Cat6 patch panels feature patented Retention Force Technology, as well as color-coded port labels.

quickport gigamax patch panels

GigaMax™ 5e QuickPort® Patch Panels (PRELOADED) - Leviton
These patch panels are preloaded with Leviton GigaMax Cat5e connectors to save on labor time and costs for 110-style IDC terminations.

VertiGO Zero-U Patch Panels

VertiGO™ Zero-U Patch Panels - Leviton
Designed to consume zero rack spaces, this patch panel can be mounted on a cabinet back rail, ladder tray, wall, or even under the floor.

leviton extreme 6+ quickport patch panels

eXtreme® 6+ QuickPort® Patch Panels (PRELOADED) - Leviton
Complete with pre-installed Leviton eXtreme Cat6 connectors, these patch  panels save on labor for high speed data and Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Leviton 18 Port Structured Media Panel, Expansion Boards and Modules

Leviton Pre-Configured Structured Media Panels
Perfect for building or expanding media or VoIP networks, these include modular hardware for 2 to 4 lines of service that can be added onto for up to 19 connections.


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