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Leviton Rack-Mount Enclosure

OPT-X® 1000 Rack-Mount Enclosures
This 1 RU Fiber Optic Enclosures can be utilized for any 19” rack mount fiber applications that require the patching, cross-connect and/or splicing of up to 24 single-mode or multi-mode fibers.

Leviton Ultra Rack-Mount Enclosure

Opt-X Ultra™ High-Density Fiber Rack Enclosures
The Opt-X Ultra™ fiber rack mount enclosures are ideal for inter-connect or cross-connect between backbone cable and active equipment using a minimum amount rack or cabinet space.

Connectors, Kits, Accessories

leviton fast cure fiber optic connectors

Fast-Cure Adhesive-Style Connectors
Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, Leviton's Fast-Cure multimode or single mode adhesive-style connectors are perfect for quick and easy terminations.

Leviton Opt-X adapter plates

Opt-X® Adapter Plates
Opt-X® Adapter plates provide a perfect fit onto Leviton’s line of fiber Opt-X Enclosures and their multimedia adapter bracket.

leviton thread-lock connectors

Thread-Lock® Fiber Optic Connectors
Leviton's Thread-Lock Fiber Optic Connectors are field installable and require no epoxy, heat cure devices, or special tools to terminate single mode or multimode fiber.

FastCAM fiber connectors

FastCAM Fiber Connectors and Installation Kits
Leviton’s new FastCAM pre-polished connectors and installation kits provide precision mechanical termination of single – mode or multimode fiber.

fiber optic consumables kits

Fiber Optic Consumable Kits & Fan Out Kits
Leviton's Consumables Kits contain everything you need to clean and polish fiber optic connectors, such as polyester wipes, alcohol pads, music wire, and lapping film.



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