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What's special about these PVC repair kits?

  • Innovative conduit repair kit reduces the cost and effort needed to repair damaged PVC pipes caused by earth excavation or in-ground drilling
  • Interlocking joints along with standard PVC solvent cement form a water tight seal for a life-long quality repair
  • Simple two-piece design can be installed directly over exposed wires, cables or hoses, restoring the structural integrity of the conduit system, without removing conduit
  • Available sizes from 1-1/4" to 6” to be compatible with a variety of conduit sizes and applications
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Non-metallic, PVC Conduit Repair Kits makes the possible disaster of accidentally puncturing or damaging conduit during digging or drilling a little less horrifying.  This easy-to-use solution is ideal for quick repairs in electrical, telecommunication, utility and CATV applications.



Please Note: There is a 25% restock fee for returns

KP-EPR40 2.50" EPR Conduit Repair Kit 2.50" [6.35cm] 24.00" [60.96cm] 53 lbs [24.04kg]
KP-EPR55 4.00" EPR Conduit Repair Kit 4.00" [10.16cm] 24.00" [60.96cm] 34 lbs [15.42kg]
KP-EPR60 5.00" EPR Conduit Repair Kit 5.00" [12.70cm] 24.00" [60.96cm] 20 lbs [9.07kg]
KP-EPR65 6.00" EPR Conduit Repair Kit 6.00" [15.24cm] 24.00" [60.96cm] 24 lbs [10.89kg]
  • Inside diameter of repair bells match the outside diameter of the conduit to create a bell and spigot connection
  • Constructed from high-impact, non-conductive PVC for strength and durability
  • Each pipe wrap is hand inspected for instability or defects prior to shipment, ensuring a quality product is always delivered to you
  • Quickly repairs various lengths and types of pipe with reliable accuracy, saving you numerous man hours and installation costs


Works with common conduit types such as:

  • Sch 40
  • Sch 80
  • DB 60
  • DB 120
  • EB 20
  • EB 35


  • Made of high-impact, non-conductive PVC


SKU Pipe Size Pipe ID Pipe OD Wall Bell OD Bell ID Length
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
KP-EPR40 2.50 6.35 2.45 6.21 2.88 7.30 0.22 0.55 3.31 8.39 2.88 7.30 24.00 60.96
KP-EPR55 4.00 10.16 4.00 10.15 4.50 11.43 0.25 0.64 5.00 12.71 4.50 11.43 24.00 60.96
KP-EPR60 5.00 12.70 5.02 12.74 5.56 14.13 0.27 0.69 6.11 15.52 5.56 14.13 24.00 60.96
KP-EPR65 6.00 15.24 6.03 15.32 6.63 16.83 0.30 0.75 7.22 18.34 6.63 16.83 24.00 60.96





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american polywater conduit adhesiveAmerican Polywater® BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive
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Greenlee 8600 Conduit CutterGreenlee 8600 Conduit Cutter
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MaxCell innerduct cellsMaxCell Fabric Innerduct 3" 3 Cell
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