K-Sun LABELShop® 2011XLB Label Maker

Create Professional Labels for Numerous Applications


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What's special about this label maker?

  • 72-key QWERTY Compatible Keyboard
  • Prints 6mm/sec and features a new PeelGuard™ Edge Trimmer
  • 12-Character, 4 Line Dot Matrix STN LCD
  • 6 bar code formats, 14 fonts, 7 font sizes, multiple symbols
  • Memory holds up to 5,000 characters, 99 files
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A portable, affordable industrial label printer with revolutionary new features. The new PeelGuard™ Label Trimmer is a built-in device that rounds label corners to provide greater peeling protection and a more professional look to your labels.


LS-AD3 Replacement AC Adapter (optional) 0.5 lbs  
KS-LSTA Auto/Truck 12 Volt DC Adapter for LabelShop printers 0.25 lbs  
LS-CASE-11 Plastic Case for 2011XLB & 2011XLB-PC 3.0 lbs DISCONTINUED
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Other new features include a larger QWERTY style keyboard and bigger LCD display panel for easier text entry and editing functions. The 2011XLB label printer uses thermal print technology to offer more durable industrial labels that resist fading, scratching, moisture, heat, chemicals, UV exposure, and cleaning fluids. This printer is able to store up to 5,000 characters/99 files and contains 14 different fonts for multiple industrial and office applications. Prints 6-Bar Code formats including Code 39, 128, ITF, UPC-A, UPC-E, and CODABAR. Labels can also be printed horizontally or vertically and with up to 8-lines of text. Runs on both battery and ac adapter and meets California Electrical Energy Reduction requirements

KEY APPLICATIONS: tabbing on folders, storage ideas, and machinery

1- 1" Tape, 6-"AA" Batteries, Owners Manual, Tape Cutter

Part # LS-2011XLB
Label Printer Machine
Print Resolution 180 dpi
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
LCD Display - 12-Character, 4-Lines Dot Matrix STN LCD
- Prompts in English and Spanish
- 11 Darken to Lighten Steps
Keyboard 72 Keys, QWERTY Compatible Keyboard
Fonts - 14 Fonts, Bitmap Fonts Installed for Print Characters
- Font Point Sizes: 6, 10, 13, 19, 26, 38, & 48
- Bitmap Smoothing Function
Styles Bold, Italic, Underline, Shadow, Outline, Superscript, Subscript, Border, Border with Shade, Horizontal and Vertical Printing
Symbols Multiple Symbols and Functions
Text Alignment Left, Center, Right
Print Speed 6mm/sec to Max 13mm/sec
Tape Corner Trimmer PeelGuard™ Edge Trimmer
Memory Size 5,000 Characters, 99 Files
Data Storage 8 Year Life - Utilize SRAM + Lithium Battery
Bar Code Function 6 Formats: Code 39, Code 128, ITF, UPC–A, UPC–E, CODABAR
Enlarge Printing Makes Labels up to 4 inches wide
Power Management - 6–AA Batteries or Optional AC Adapter
- Automatic Power Off
Dimensions 7.9"W x 8.1"D x 2.5"H
Weight 1.9 lbs
Label Tape
Maximum Label Length Up to 314 inches or 26 Feet
Label Preview Length & Width Shows on LCD Screen
Tape Cutter Auto or Manual Label Length Cutter
Tape Widths 1/6”(4mm), 1/4”(6mm), 3/8”(9mm), 1/2”(12mm), 3/4”(18mm), and 1”(24mm)





LABELShop 2011XLB-PC PrinterLABELShop® 2011XLB-PC Printer
The flexibility of hand held portability or desktop PC connectivity all in one. The printer has its own battery operated memory, keyboard and LCD display so permanent labels can be designed and printed on the job or, connect the printer to your PC
LABELShop 2010-PC PrinterLABELShop® 2010-PC Printer
Allows you to easily design and print adhesive-backed labels that can be applied wherever a professional label is needed. The printer's lightweight and compact design makes it easy to make labels on the job and anywhere else needed.
K-Sun LABELShop Labeling TapeK-Sun LABELShop® Labeling Tapes
The LABELShop® tapes are all printed with resin thermal transfer ribbon. This makes your text resistant to UV, scratching, fading, smearing and chemicals. These labels are made from the most durable, flexible materials and are coated to make them last longer.
LABELShop 2012XLST PrinterLABELShop® 2012XLST Printer
Prints on polyolefin heat shrink tube, polyester wire and cable wrap materials, and industrial polyester adhesive-backed tapes.

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